Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beach Vacay ... Part II

Beach Week Continues! Hooray!


Another morning on the beach by 9am ... Score! It was another great day at the beach (and as I'm typing this and Dalton has climbed out of bed to "tell me something" for the 19th time, somewhere I'm longing to be back at!!) Day 3 we loved hunting for shells, walks by the beach, trips to the pool and just BEING together!

Ash and KJ


Then that afternoon we headed out for a little shopping and then brought back pizza and birthday cake for the kiddos. Ryley, Avery, and Dalton all have birthdays just a few weeks apart so we had a little birthday party at the beach!

They were WAY excited to take this picture!

I'm pretty sure this has inspired their Halloween costumes for this year ... too early?

I love these people!

Another fun day ... Stay tuned for more!


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