Saturday, June 4, 2011


These are a day late because I spent most of the day throwing up after a terrible virus that has gone through the fam ... The things I'll do for a bikini bod. I kid, I kid ...

But HERE are some things that made us laugh this week:

Aaron took Avery and Dalton to see a movie this weekend and during the show a Moose came on the screen. Aaron said Dalton all but stood up in his seat SCREAMING, "Daddy! Daddy! Do you see that moose?" Aaron tried to hush him down, but before he could Dalton shouted out, "I want to shoot that moose!" Aaron said everyone around them busted out laughing. That boy is such a mess! Then when there were about 30 minutes left of the movie, Avery stood up and said, "I'm over this. Let's go out to the lobby and play games." LHM.

During my bible study time I kinda browse through past studies if I'm not doing a group study during that time. Lately I kinda continually look through Jennie Allen's study, STUCK. There is usually at least one of the places in there I can relate to and it gives me comfort to read directly on that subject. Anyway, this is the cover:

However, Dalton carries it around the house like this:

Can you guess why? He thinks the upside down pic looks like his Manny toy- his favorite Wooly Mammoth from Ice Age! :) He's always asking me where Sid and Diego are? He's the funniest thing.

We have been watching Toy Story 3 every day lately. They go in phases of favorite movies and right now "ToyToryTree" as Dalton would say is at the top of the list. Anyway, a couple days ago Avery saw this Strawberry Bear character and said, "Did you know he smells like strawberries! I wish I smelled like strawberries? Do I, Mama?" I laughed so hard.

"Mommy, let's take a picture. " So we did. ;)

Lately if I've gotten all ready to go somewhere Dalton will say (In THE sweetest voice) "Mommy, you're beautiful!" And if I've just gotten him all ready he asks, "Am I handsome?"

Avery came running in my room yesterday saying, "Mama, look right now! Just look at my belly! Can't you see I'm starving?"

Last weekend Avery kept asking if she could go spend the night with Maw. She was wanting to go RIGHT then, too. I told her Maw was at church, but we'd call her later. A couple hours later we saw a church service on TV and Avery kept saying, "I don't see Maw! Maw's not there! Were you just kidding? She is not with those people."

Found this is the fridge ... Apparently he just bit right through the wrapper.

A few nights ago I was running some errands with the kids and Aaron was inside. I was putting Sawyer in the car and then yelled inside for the kiddos to come on. Aaron said he said, " Avery,Tell your mommy I love her." and Avery said, "Ok daddy. Thank you for marrying her."

This morning Dalton put his arm around Avery and said, "That's my sister." Avery threw her arm around him too and said, "yeah and you're my brother. Do you know what that means? It means we'll be together forever." Tear.

How different does Sawyer look with wet hair!?!?

We've been playing a LOT with my friend Brooke's kids ... She snapped this picture this week and it just cracks me up!

Yay for the weekend!

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