Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beach Vacay ... Part V

Well, this was our last day on the beach. I remember feeling ready to go home and now I'm dying to go back! I'm telling myself all of our upcoming lake weekends will have to suffice, I do heart the lake!


Friday Sawyer woke up way early ... We laid around the condo,I ate WAY too much cheese danish and coffee and Sawyer had his daily Oatmeal. We finally ventured down to the beach around 5 and after a long walk he fell asleep and I took him back to his bed. It was still early so I took all my bible study stuff back to the beach. I think I had had unrealistic expectations that I would get to sit on the beach with my coffee and studies every morning alone ... but spending mornings on the patio or on the beach with Sawyer were great alternatives. :) I stayed out there for a long time and even though I wouldn't trade living in Arkansas for anything in the whole world, having a quiet time in front of the Ocean is crazy amazing. I was so in awe of how BIG God is while looking at one of his most magnificent creations. I'm sure that sounds like a big "DUH" but I don't think I'll ever forget that morning. It was undoubtedly a highlight of the trip.

We stayed out all day ... playing, wading and taking in the last day at the beach. At one point Avery said, "Are we really going home tomorrow? That's the saddest thing I ever heard."
When we first got out there we saw a 2.5 ft shark that had washed up on the shore. YUCK and SCARY. Throw in the fact that there were people fishing everywhere and pretty much throwing chum in the water catching baby sharks left and right, we stayed on the sand. I really don't like the ocean, anyway. I've seen Jaws too many times. I love looking at it and listening to it ... thats about it.
The kids preferred the pool anyway, so they swam in the pool a lot, too.

From BEACH 2011

I did make him put pants on after this ... but had to take a picture first. :)

Digging for crabs while I packed up the condo.

Saturday we woke up and headed home ... It was a great Vacation and we loved it all!

Well, except for the drive ... :)



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