Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sawyer Turns Two.

Well, here we are again ... another birthday for a Boonie Boy. It's been two years since Mr. Sawyer McKinnon Boone entered our world and our hearts; our world changing forever for the indescribable better.
Sawyer is always on the go, rarely sitting still. He wakes up in the morning asking for chocolate milk and a show which right now means either Joseph: King of Dreams, Rango, or one of the 457 Land Before Time's. He will watch about 20 minutes as he adjusts to the morning before taking off all his clothes and begging to go outside. In a perfect world he would never, ever wear clothes and seems very annoyed at their existence.

Here's some deets on Sawyer Boone these days:

-We weighed him today and he weighed in at 33.4 pounds ... Meaning roughly, he's a moose. When he and Dalton are wrestling around you can hardly tell a difference in their size, however when standing Dalton is about a head taller.

- He is wearing size 3T clothes, and size 9 shoes ... Biggin'.

-He is in size 5 Diapers ... when he's wearing them. We've actually been "kinda" working on potty training. He will sometimes use his potty chair and does show interest in potty training. But he's also still VERY much in diapers.

-After losing his top two teeth last year, he now has six left on the top, and eight on the bottom.

-He goes to sleep at 8:30pm and usually wakes up between 8:30-9:00am.

-His favorite drink is by far chocolate milk, but he'll drink apple juice and (iced) water occasionally. Some of his ever-growing list of favorite foods include: POPSICLES, bananas, strawberries, grapes, avocado, turkey, cheese, yogurt, chicken, pancakes, scrambled eggs, mac 'n cheese, fruit snacks ... I'm kind of laughing as I type this ... the boy just doesn't really have many foods he doesn't like.

-Sawyer Boone is FEARLESS. He will jump off anything, loves water, and pretty much loves giving me a heart attack with his antics. I do not miss a night of begging God to protect this rowdy boy with THOUSANDS of angels. Please Lord, please.

-He has been talking up a storm lately. I get a big kick out of how if I ask him if he's a baby he'll say, "No, I a big boy!" But, when I'm getting on to him he's says oh-so-sweetly, "Mommy, I a baby!" My, oh my.
 He says all kinds of little sentences/phrases ... not sure how much of it the average person would understand, but his family knows exactly what he's saying: "I play golf tomorrow?" is a favorite question ... that boy loves a golf course.

-Loves, loves, loves his family. He plays hard with his brother and sister all day, I seriously could easily forget that he and Dalton are two years apart, they play together allllll day. They are both really into dinosaurs since they found all the Land Before Time movies on Netflix and spend lots of the day in dinosaur wars. They are also expert expeditionists in the little green space behind our house. They spend about 75% of the day trudging through the "wilderness" in just their undies and crocs, clutching big walking sticks and bows and arrows. Gahhh, I love them so much.

-He is just The. Funniest. Thing. He has SO much personality and his little expressions are priceless. He is just a HOOT and we are over the moon for him.

- He also kinda has an "awful" streak ... He's not at all mean or necessarily trying to be bad, but the kid just loves to make a mess. He gets in all my canisters on the counters at least once a week and mixes up the coffee into the flour, the flour into the sugar, the sugar into the coffee ... ugh. He just walks through the house pulling things out of drawers and leaving a trail. It's lovely. I'm hoping that that all fades out by birthday number 3.

-Lets end on a good note, a dancing note. As soon as any music starts he SQUEALS and starts dancing his socks off (well, he would if he ever wore socks). He can move like no one else; flips, turns, hops and kicks are all part of his routine. It is truly a sight to behold.

Here are some pics of our sweet boy this year:

Look how much you've changed in two years!

Dear Sawyer Boone,
I am just head over heels in love with you. I have to scoop you up and smother you with kisses multiple times a day because I just can't snuggle close enough sometimes. I think you are the most precious thing I've ever laid my eyes on and I truly love being around you. I love your darling personality and can already tell you are going to bring so much joy to the Boone family, I'm sure you will be quite the ham.
Sawyer, I pray each and every night that you will do big things for His Kingdom. I pray that you will use all the gifts and talents that God has blessed you with to bring Glory to His name! I know you will be such a Light and I'm so glad I get a front row seat to see you grow into the man of God I know you will be.
You are dearly, dearly loved.
Lots of x's and o's,


Michelle S. said...

Love that last pic! You are beautiful!!

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