Thursday, August 16, 2012

A County Fair.

This weekend we took the childrens to the Tioga County Fair. It was over an hour away, but worth the drive. The kids had the best time and Aaron and I enjoyed ourselves too. These Boonie Babies are quite the handful, but they are so much fun I sometimes can't stand it.

I remember loving this slide at the Arkansas State Fair so much, it was bright pink and we asked to go down it again and again. Avery, Dalton and Sawyer felt the same way.

We always love visiting the animals. We're at home there. I'm sure my neighbors can attest to that.

Sawyer wasn't sure about the big pig.

But, he did love the goats.

After visiting the goats AaronBoone spent the rest of the afternoon trying to convince me to let him get us some. Yes, I'm talking about goats. In the backyard of our rent house. In the rent house in Pennsylvania where we will be dealing with about three feet of snow for the winter months.
Finally, he decided he cared more about my fragile mental state and said we wouldn't get the goats. Lands ...

Pennsylvania sure is purdy. I am always getting sidetracked in taking in the beauty around us. It's a major perk.

You just can't go a fair without sampling the food.

This picture of the boys is one of my favorites I've taken in a while. Makes me laugh.

Aaron and Avery at the tippy top.

Then while Dalton took a turn I took Avery to get her face painted.

She picked a yellow dolphin.

Then we went on this ride and I almost lost my corn dog. Yikes. I'm officially not a kid anymore.

Last, but not least we found the big hit of the day:

Mmm Hmm. A mechanical bull. Huge.


Sawyer thought he wanted a turn, too ...

Then he changed his mind.

Then he changed it again.

Big time.

We ended with another trip around the barn.

This man let us pet all the bunnies. He knew them all by name...

We ended on this. We stopped on it Everytime we went by and I'm pretty sure they would have had just as much fun if that was the only thing they'd done the whole day.

It was a great Saturday.

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Morgan Smith said...

those are AWESOME pictures!!! loved all of em. so much fun at the fair. can't wait to take mine

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