Monday, August 27, 2012

Sawyer and Livi's Campout!

When we realized that Sawyer and Livi Knox's birthdays were just one week apart, and we have a pretty limited and similar friend group up here, it made the most sense to have one big partay.
I had been planning a campout theme for Sawyer, and the Knox's liked the idea too, so we went with it for their birthday celebration.
An unashamed Pinterest copy-cat, Fort Knox and Camp Boone came easily together. It was a big time and I know our littles felt very loved and celebrated.
The Knox's were fortunate enough to have Emily's parents in town and Maw was here to work tirelessly with me, as well. I was SO glad she was here; I FaceTime'd my mom before it started to show her all the little details and definitely shed a few tears that my crew wasn't here to love on Sawyer (and me). So having Lynda here was all the more special ... and needed.
I do think it turned out cute and it was a lot of fun. I'm very thankful to all our new friends who came to love on our kiddos- made this mama's heart smile for sure.

Avery and Sawyer preparing their birthday happies for Sawyer before he came in.

 Wheelbarrow was much loved.

A book from Bobo! She sent her picture too so he would know who it was from. He loved the picture! And when he realized there were dollar bills taped to the card he started screaming, "MONEY!" and searching for pockets to tuck them into. However he wasn't wearing pants (shocker), and I think for the first time in his life he was annoyed at that.

Sawyer stayed fascinated with Maw's boot all weekend. He was quite the helper in fastening it and finding her lone shoe.

I had lots of helpers in putting our campy details together.

For favors we had flashlights and Slim Jim's tucked into little bandanas.

Lynda used this inspiration ...

... to make their super cute cake!

Proud daddy's.

All the fun Knox's!

Out of all nine photos, this was the best one. Clearly I should have taken one at the beginning of the party. Oops!

Maw just left and we were SO sad to see her go. Avery came walking in the house crying, "I wish Maw could stay forever." Me too, baby girl. Me too.

She did leave us fun gifts to remember her by ... We're all ready for September 1!

Happy Birthday Weekend Sawyer! You are so loved!

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Morgan Smith said...

so so cute!! that themed food and those flashlight favors make me want to throw a party tomorrow!!! happy birthday sawyer boy:)

The Garners said...

Super cute party!

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