Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh, Happy Day!

Yesterday was a very happy day.

These boys woke up asking when Maw would arrive from Arkansas, and continued to ask all. day. long.
And then she finally ... She did!!
We were SO happy to have a touch of home ... Especially when it's Maw!!

A couple weeks ago I was getting oh-so-homesick and begged AB to bring someone here, and within two weeks Lynda Boone was in Pennsylvania. Good man.
Last night we ate dinner, sat outside and just enjoyed each others company.

This morning we woke up and prepared a super yummy breakfast. Avery and I made Pillsbury Biscuit Donuts from a pin on Pinterest that I kept seeing. Y'all. So darn good. I was honestly a little surprised at how good they were!

We fried up the donut holes first and Aaron came in when we had just gotten started. He plopped a donut hole in his mouth and quickly asked, "what was that and why are there not many more?" Delicious.

Avery also helped me make a honey lime fruit salad that was also a big hit. What did I do before Pinterest?

Then we packed up all the kids for a day full of shopping for sweet Sawyer's second birthday party! We've gone with a "camping" theme and I think it's going to be really fun and cute.
Thank goodness Lynda is here. She is always the most amazing helper for things like this! She has SUCH a servants heart!!
We came home, ordered pizza and then Aaron took Lynda and the kids to the golf course.

** oh, and did I mention she has a broken foot? Yes. And she still traveled all the way here! So sweet!!

So thankful for our fun visitor and excited for the rest of the weekend to unfold!

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Morgan Smith said...

such a sweet maw!! glad yall had an Arkie come visit:)

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