Saturday, August 11, 2012


I love bedtime.

I'm not sure you're going to find many moms of toddlers that don't love bedtime. We finally get to sit down, relax, read, have adult conversation, or (if we're lucky) sleep ourselves. It's a beautiful thing.
The last few weeks however I've actually started looking forward to the bedtime routine, which is something I used to suffer through in order to get to the prize of bedtime.
But, lately it's just been easier. Much more enjoyable. Aaron usually hurries the boys through a bath while Avery takes a shower and I lay out PJ's. We get them dressed and then begin the tag team defense. I take Sawyer, Aaron wrangles the big kids.
I usually read Sawyer three books, his choice. He laughs and listens and has not once tried to get up.

He loves story time. We always end with this book ... do you have it?

"Just in Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado.
It's one of my very favorite children's books. I find a new favorite part every night.
After we read our books we say our prayers and I sing a few songs ... Sanctuary; I Could Sing of Your Love Forever; and As the Deer are usually in the rotation. He almost always falls asleep, but sometimes not. If he's not asleep I just tell him goodnight and tiptoe out. He doesn't protest at all, just drinks his chocolate milk, rubs his ear and goes on to sleep.
I think I love bedtime with him because he seems so much more of a baby at bedtime. And I'm watching that time pass by so quickly through the past few months. That used to give me baby fever and I would begin itching for another baby ... but it's not like that this time. I'm just sad that these babies aren't really babies anymore at all.

Aaron reads bible stories from a children's bible to the "big kids" at night. They work on reciting the little memory verse at the end of the lesson and then argue over who gets to slam the book shut. We can argue over just about anything over here.

I know this doesn't mark a monumental event or super fun adventure, but I just want to document the little things too. I'm sure one day those are the things I'll miss the very most.

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