Friday, August 10, 2012

This and That

This is about to be a Hodge Post Post if I've ever written one.
Between my laptop being weird and having to get a new phone last week after mine finally went kaput (I'm sure it had nothing to do with Sawyer trying to flush it in the potty or Dalton giving it a bath in a cup of coke Mmm hmm ... It's amazing it lived to tell the tale). So my picture-taking slash phone-blogging capabilities were out of order. But, I'm back with our scoop- the good, the bad, the ugly. Get excited.

Lets start with the ugly. I suppose it is necessary to document our first ER visit in Pennsylvania.
Dun Dun Dunnnn ...
It was two weeks ago and the kids were playing downstairs while I was in the middle of a very serious eBay auction in my room. All of the sudden I heard a blood-curdling scream... One where I honestly had no idea which one of them it was. I didn't have to wait long; Avery came barreling in my room holding her head with a trail of red following her down the hall. I tried my absolute darnedest not to freak out. To act as though it was totally fine ... Even if I could practically see her skull. Thank. The. Lord that AaronBoone was home; he's fabulous in these situations. He acted as if there was hardly a problem and Avery was in for a TREAT of getting to go to the emergency room.
He's such a great dad.
While they were gone it allllllllllll came out how it had all started. I'm sure you're shocked to hear that Sawyer whacked her over the head with a 2x4, disguised as a "sword." Poor Avery didn't know what hit her. Literally.
Aaron sent some pics from the hospital ...

All glued up.

So proud of her sticker. And top-knot by AaronBoone, himself. He's a jack of all trades, you know.
That night we had planned to go to a friends house for a backyard movie showing under the stars. However with the rain and injury incurred, I called to cancel.
But, Avery apparently didn't stop talking about the movie night the whole time they were at the hospital, so Aaron took she and Dalton to the church where they had moved the party due to the weather.

A Bugs Life did not disappoint. I'm glad they had some good after the bad.

That weekend more good was on the list: The start of a week Vacation Bible School at the Wesleyan Church.

She was so excited!

I'm glad Amaryah took so many pics of all the kids! I loved finding Avery in the crowd.

Dalton had a really hard time with the fact that Avery, Trip, and everyone else in the whole wide world was old enough to go to VBS, but he wasn't. So we tried to do things at night while she (and the rest of the world) was at Bible School.

We spent several nights on the golf course, as usual. These boys love golf. And I love that it wears them out before bedtime.

We went up the tip-top of Roundtop Park so we could see the whole Valley ... The boys liked that.

Last Saturday we drove all over creation looking for a place to swim. After fighting traffic jams, city festivals making the swimming pools packed, and getting lost a time or two, we ended up at a fabulous local hotspot: Treman Park in Ithaca, NY. You walked through a gorgeous park and ended up in a small lake surrounded by Waterfalls. It was beautiful. Unfortunately it too was so packed that I was a nervous wreck and never whipped out my camera. And the water was a not-so-warm 70 degrees. By this time it was 2 o'clock anyway so we bribed the kids with lunch to get them to cheerfully leave. It worked!
It ended up being a fun family day. I'm glad we went, despite the chaos!

More fun is on the menu for this weekend; I'll fill ya in on Monday.

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