Monday, August 20, 2012

Mmm Mmm Monday

We've spent the last week outside indulging in a much welcomed cool front. We've had nights with lows in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Pinch me.
After Aaron had practically trimmed every tree and lone weed from the backyard we had accumulated quite the brush pile ... Which only meant one thing: a bonfire. We've spent the last several days huddled around the smoky flames where we can almost pretend we're back on Boone Rd. We do love a bonfire.
Spending the time outside I thought I'd try a fun grilled pizza recipe I found on Pinterest.
My friend Lisa is always making yummy Pioneer Woman pizzas and she says her crust is oh-so-easy ... I pulled out one of her cookbooks and started to get lightheaded reading about rising yeast and paddle attachments on stand mixers. Not my forte.
So, I cheated. I called our divine Italian Meat Market, Sopranos, that has the yummiest pizza in town and asked if I could come get some pizza dough. People, it was the best $2.50 I've ever spent.
I recommend that route- however, PW makes a great crust, so I can attest to that deliciousness if you want to try that.
Otherwise, here's what you'll need:
Pizza Dough/Crust
Pesto (fresh or prepared)
3-4 finely sliced Roma tomatoes
7-8 oz sliced Cremini mushrooms
Worchestire or Sherry
Garlic salt
2-3 tbl butter
Goat Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Kosher Salt to taste

And here's how it went down:

After picking up I came home to spread a generous amount of a jarred pesto I picked up at Sopranos (I had planned on making my own, but since I was there and it was sitting there calling out to me, I grabbed it.)
After the pesto, I layered on some very thinly sliced tomatoes (my grocery store was out of Roma, so I just got the "tomatoes on the vine" which worked fine, but I think Roma would be better), I crumbled an herbed goat cheese, and then some sautéed cremini mushrooms (to sauté I usually just melt some butter in a skillet, add in some Worchestire and garlic salt and cook until they reach their state of deliciousness. However I was out of Worchestire, a travesty, so I used some Sherry instead ... That worked just fine). I topped with a teensy shower of grated Parmesan, because I'm of the belief system you can never have enough cheese.
I baked that in a 475 degree oven for about 11 minutes. It was perfection.

Seriously. Yum to the O.
And meatless! Holla! Aaron was so proud.

Earlier in the day I'd made my Aunt Tamra's famous salsa and it was a great appetizer. It makes a ton, so take some to friend.
Here's what you need:
10-12 roma tomatoes
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch green onions
1 lg can green chilis, chopped
1 can black olives
5 -6 cloves garlic
2-3 fresh jalapenoes
juice of 1 lime
salt & pepper to taste
4 Tbsp olive oil
4 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

Give the individual produce a rough chop and then throw in cuisinart to do the rest of the work. Then add spices. I sometimes add cayenne pepper for additional heat, but I held off since I knew the kids would be eating it and it gets hotter over night.

I didn't do a dessert because we were roasting s'mores ... One of my favorite treats.

Hope you have a Mmm Mmm Good week. ;)

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