Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Humpty Dumpty's Great Fall

I have barely been able to speak of this, but since Sawyer's little smile will never be the same, I'll tell the tale.
A couple days before Thanksgiving it was a normal morning at the Boone house: children running around in all their nakedness, no-no's here and there, and me picking up one mess after another ... you know the drill. I was in my room when Sawyer let out a gut-wrenching scream. It was one of those where I immediately knew something was very, very wrong. I came in to find poor Sawyer covered in blood and Dalton and Avery both looking on with their mouths hanging open. I picked Sawyer up and called Aaron as quickly as my fingers could dial. I really don't remember what exactly I said, but I know I was screaming and was for all intents and purposes freaking out. I hung up with my mom telling her to come as quickly as possible, as well. I tried to figure out what happening, eventually gathering that after a squabble someone may have nudged him into the fireplace. Then I finally mustered up the nerve to look for the cut. I couldn't tell exactly, but I thought he had knocked out his front teeth. I couldn't put him down, we were all in PJs or worse, and I couldn't just throw us in the car and head to the ER, so I did what any mommy would do- I rocked and rocked that sweet baby boy 'til his Daddy got home.
Somehow, I remained pretty together, but when Aaron got there (in record time) I was more than happy to hand him over; Aaron thrives in emergency situations,where I just want to ball up in the fetal position. Aaron announces that he's broken his two front two teeth off and instructs me to call a pediatric dentist. I call several and we go to the first one that will see him immediately.
Aaron rode in the back seat and held the boo-bear. We walked in the dentist and took some x-rays, he was SO good and calm. Seriously the most pitiful thing I've ever seen.
The X-Rays reveal that the teeth were not broken off, but instead pushed up into his mouth. At the point I was hopeful- maybe they could just pull them back down, right? No. The dentist tells us they need to be extracted... yes, extracted. She said it had cut off all the little roots and if they didn't they would absess. We weren't allowed to stay back there but they swaddled him up really tight and gave him some numbing shots. After the longest 15 min ever, they brought him out and gave us our toothless boy. I had not cried all morning until they handed me a box with his little toofies in it.
By this time Lynda was here too and no child has ever been swooned over like Sawyer was. Aaron went to Target to clear out the yogurt and ice cream aisles. He actually found quite a bit of soft food!
The Tooth Fairy even talked to Santa and brought out a present early ... he needed it.

With his new tooth fairy happy ... ;)

That night we decided we needed a little holiday cheer so we put up the Christmas Tree ... even little man helped.

I can promise you that the tree now looks nothing like that. It's practically bare from about halfway down. But it's still standing, so that's something.

And our little toothless boy is still smiling ... We've laughed saying he'll be asking for his two front teeth for many Christmas' to come.


morgan said...

i had tears in my eyes when i read the toofie box part. and then i was laughing out loud by the end.
glad that sweet boy is doing better!

The Garners said...

Bless his heart! :( I'm so sorry that happened.

Two of my three kids have chipped front (baby) teeth. Alexee fell off of a bar stool and bumped her mouth on the counter and Crosby fell face-first on the tile floor. I cried both times!

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