Monday, December 19, 2011

Preschool Festivities

Preschool brought lots of Christmasy Fun this year. It all started with their Dessert Theater which is the annual fundraiser complete with silent auction, a dessert reception with some of the yummiest treats ever, and a darling Christmas musical, The Littlest Christmas Tree, performed by our little darlings.
For the grand production Avery was the mommy, and Dalton played a deer. No two characters have ever been more perfectly cast. :)
Avery was to dress in her most "mom-ish" attire and Dalton had a costume to wear at school. Before we left Avery was hamming it up and getting into character ...

Dalton was practicing too ...

Sawyer was thrilled with the smorgasbord set in front of him to keep him occupied ...

The kiddos performed just perfectly. I was grinning ear to ear throughout the whole thing!

Bravo! Bravo!

The next day at school was a Pajama Day and the kiddos wore their PJs to school ...

Look at these cuties!!

The next week was their class parties ... however because it was the only day that worked for my b-day lunch I totally missed them- bad mom.
I did make these little Pinterest-y treats though, they made me laugh.

I made them pose by the half-decorated tree too ... If these outfits look familiar it's because I weasled another year out of them from last year ... it sorta justified the price.;)

Christmas Time is too much fun! And there's more in store ... :)

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