Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wacky Weekend

It wasn't really that wacky, I just like alliteration.
Another weekend has passed and PA is finally growing on me. I'm totally digging all the family time and just love all my people. While lots of days feel like groundhog day, it's given me time to truly spend with the kiddos and AB and just savor the time we have with all these young-uns as my Dad would say.
Friday we didn't really have anything we wanted to do particularly so we just went into Elmira and shop-hopped. Nothing to write home about ... But it was a fun outing.
Saturday Aaron and Danny took the kids to ... Surprise, surprise Farmland. :) They just love it and we're becoming quite regulars. The kids beg to go back and it's a cheap thrill. Plus this week the ponies were out for riding that added a special new element!
Aaron sent me these pics ...

While they were doing that I stayed home alone to clean the house for a while (which, as you moms with littles know, cleaning the house with all the kids gone is a totally luxury. I even find myself enjoying it if no one is there to mess it up.) Then I went with Emily and Isaiah to go thrift store shopping. I'm 99% sure this was my first time and I had fun. It's not a gift of mine, like some of my crafty friends, to see old things for what they could be. I see everything at face value. Kinda like when I look at houses for sale and if I don't like the paint colors or wall paper I'm immediately turned off and ready to move on to the next. I'm 98% sure it's a character flaw.
Moving on ... I dropped them off, went to the grocery store and came home to get ready for a fun date night with AB, Emily and Danny for Emily's bday.
We went to eat yummy sushi and then had coffee and looked at books at Barnes and Noble. I have no pics, which is quite unfortunate because the hubs was looking mighty fine. True story.
We came home to 2 out of 3 sleeping children. Aaron took pictures for my begging mom and sisters (against my will!!) so here are their cute selves:

She's a mess.
Sunday we watched a Francis Chan sermon which was thought provoking and encouraging. I feel like everything around me right now is reminding me that our time on earth is SO short and we need to be living for eternity.

We took the yayhoots to Binghampton, NY today to the Discovery Center which was super fun. It was kinda like a hyped up Wonder Place (for my LR peeps) and a lot like the children's museum in Memphis.
They went on and on about how much fun it was.
I took some pics in there while winding through the chaos. Clearly we were running a man-to-man defense which is why I mainly only have pics of Avery ... A couple of Sawyer and like 1 of Dalton.

(awkward self-portrait ... Sometimes I just have to prove I was there)

Yuck. Soooo sticky.

So we had early baths.

Followed by a burrito picnic and walk around the neighborhood.

It was a good weekend in the Boonies!
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Sydney said...

You're the most fun parents EVER!! Those 3 kiddies are surely blessed!

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