Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bathtime Woes.

I love bath time. My kids love bath time. ESPECIALLY Sawyer.
He loves it almost as much as meal time, and that's an awful lot.... At least half of the pictures I have of Sawyer are either of him in the bath tub or the high chair. He swims, splashes and squeals in delight. The child even goes under the water!!
Tonight we were having another enjoyable night bathing the wee babes, actually Lynda is here so she was bathing them, so I liked bath time more than usual. Aaron got him dressed in his jammies while Dalton kept swimming and splashing in the tub. Then we heard an extra loud splash. And found this ...

I took his picture and laughed, annoyed but thinking he was silly and cute.
We sat down on the couch and watched an episode of Duck Dynasty before hearing a familiar splash ...

I tried to not get mad, so I took a picture (thinking he was less cute this time). We changed his diapers and jammies again and put him right to bed. Then I remembered I had a bottle of wine in the fridge and was grateful.

One day these things will be funny. I'm writing this for then.

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