Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our First Visitors!

This morning we woke up to a quiet house as our first visitors had gone back to Arkansas. We had been SO excited about them coming here and "X'ed" off days on the calendar showing how many more night-nights until Maw and Bobo's arrival.

They brought gifts ...

Cavendars are apparently made in Arkansas and a STAPLE in my cooking ... I'd been using my last bottle sparingly until their arrival.

We had fun cooking, visiting, sight-seeing, and just being in their sweet presence. I have some of the best in laws ever and don't take that for granted one bit! It was SO special for them to make the trip up here! I cried tears of joy when they got here and we all shed a few tears of sadness when they left.

Nightly Yahtzee matches ... Bobo dominated. But Aaron can give you at least 15 scenarios where he should have won ... Yawn.

They helped make Easter special ... Which they always do.

Bobe brought Sawyer this sweet Easter book and read it no less than 15 times ... No wonder she's a "great" grandmother!

One thing for sure, family visits are a lot more special when they're spread out. And I was just thrilled to have them for six whole days. Miss y'all already!!

Lots of love to Maw and Bobo!!


RachB said...

between you and Michelle Younts blog I cry every post. Like took a pg test last week swearing I was pregnant with the emotions yall were bringing out in me.

This. Made. Me. So. Sad. Tears of joy when they got there and then tears of sadness when they left. I just hope gene doesn't visit anytime soon bc I can't handle an after dad visit post.

Elisabeth said...

I found Cavenders at Wal-Mart in NY, FYI! It took me forever to find frozen breaded okra and I eventually found it too. I love reading about your experiences moving north. We can totally relate! I mean, we called our landlord frantically when we moved into our house and told him the AC wasn't working. Turns out... no one has AC up here! Don't get me started on heating. It's like living on another planet! An adventure for sure!

Morgan Smith said...

we use cavenders at almost every meal! glad they brought you some:) if you think of anything else like that, the smith's would be happy to mail yall somethin':)

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Elisabeth, I'm dying laughing! I felt the same way about the AC. I'm skeered for the summer!

Boonies in the Boonies said...

I'm pretty sure I can find just about anything on amazon ... But if I get in a bind over something as Earth-shattering as Cavenders I will definitely let you know. :)

Boonies in the Boonies said...

I know it. If Geno comes to visit anytime soon I'm flying back in his suitcase. True story.

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