Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggstravaganza

Today we took the kiddies (and Maw and Bobo!!) to the Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton, NY to see the animals and partake in the Easter Egg Hunt. It was rather chilly and windy this morning, but the kids made the best of it.

Ring Toss.

Dalton was a big fan of the "Wolf Woods!"

This was an actual exhibit, and we got a pretty big kick out of it. I kept looking for the squirrel or box turtles enclosure.

"Oreo" the bunny.

Face painting ... After waiting in line for 30 minutes she got a rainbow.

Sawyer loves any outdoor activity.

Sawyer rode on AB's shoulders for most of the time and held on to his ears. He cracks me up!

Some of her eggs she earned to cash in for prizes.

We came home to catch a little bit of the Masters and get ready for dinner. AB grilled burgers and hot dogs which were super yummy.

The kiddos watched a movie and were clearly exhausted after skipping naps.

And the rest of us played Yahtzee!

**Sidenote: our sweet neighbors came and introduced themselves and brought the kids an Easter basket. How sweet is that?!??

They even invited us to church the next tomorrow which was very thoughtful. Bonus- they're both doctors at the hospital, and with my three children, you can never know enough doctors.

I also managed to talk Aaron, Maw, and Bobo into helping me stuff eggs during our last round of Yahtzee ... They were quite the helpers.

Then AB went out to hide the eggs for the big hunt in the am ...

... He just loves how I feel the need to document every memory-making-possibility.

Excited for a day of celebrating our risen King tomorrow!

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