Friday, April 20, 2012


It's been awhile since I've posted some Unforgettable moments in the Boonies.
By no means is it because of lack of material; the kids are continuing to say and do the funniest little things that keep us in stitches. But, so much of the time it's their little voice inflections or just the big thought or word coming out of the tiny mouth that makes us laugh ... It doesn't translate well to print which is a major bummer.
I'm still going to document in hopes I'll remember how cute they were when I'm an empty nester. So feel free to read along.

(Also, I've keep a running list of funnies in my phone which is where these are coming from- sorry if any are repeats from earlier posts ... I don't think so. But just in case.)

Avery is still obsessed with Justin Beiber. She begs for magazines with his picture on it and reminds us often that she's going to marry him. She watches The Disney Channel all the time and when I told her recently that Alex (Selena Gomez) is Justin's girlfriend she flipped. "Are you freaking kidding me?" she exclaimed. At which point I decided it was time to remove "freaking" from my vocabulary.

This was a day she went to work with her daddy, she's the cutest.

Dalton is at the stage (Lord, please let it be a stage) where he thinks all potty talk is hilarious. He
brings it up in the car, at meal times, bedtime prayers ... The child has no filter.
Since we got here so late in the "school" year, there wasn't any room for Dalton. Every Tuesday and Thursday when we drop A off or pick her back up Dalton asks me if this will be his school in the fall. Which usually warrants the following conversation:
Me: yes, Dalton. You get to come in the fall.
D: Good. Then I get to poop on my teacher.
Av: No, Dalton. You can't poop on your teacher. It's just not polite.

It's a good thing he's cute.

Being in a new place, with new peeps, Aaron thought it a good idea to work with the kids on "what to do if a stranger comes."
So, nightly ... At the dinner table ... they go around practicing their kidnapper scream. It's horrible. It messes with my equilibrium. And typically our windows are open so I'm sure the neighbors think we are totally crazy between nightly screaming matches, pantless outdoor play, and the general craziness of my children.
Anyway, the other day we were in Target and D let out quite a wail in agony that I wasn't getting him some toy. Avery patted him on the back and said, "Oh Dalton, that was a great kidnapper scream!"

Here's some pics of A and her bestie, Naomi.

Notice these pictures were taken about 12 minutes apart. And Avery is in a different outfit. She changes clothes at least six times a day. It. Drives. Me. Crazy.

Sawyer is still my cutie patootie little who from who-ville.
We think he is HILARIOUS and he barely even talks. I just know he's going to be the biggest ham.

My love for that little thing runs way deep.

Happy Friday Peeps!!

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