Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tea Time

This morning our sweet girly girl had a tea party at school to celebrate the end of the year. The whole fam was invited and we were more than happy to attend!

We took Avery to pick out a dress
to wear after our trip to the Discovery Center this weekend ... She picked out her whole ensemble herself. Cutie.

Yesterday she went to run some
errands with Aaron and bought those little jeans; she insisted on wearing them with her dress. Yesterday it was 85 degrees ... We had fans going, tank tops donning and I was sure today would be similar. Wrong.
Today it was 55 and windy ... With a FREEZE warning tonight. (What???) so I guess the jeans weren't a terrible idea.

We watched the cuties sing several songs and then had a lovely tea party.

I hated to ask the lady to take another pic since this one was terrible ... Now I'm wishing I would have.
Then the boys left to get haircuts and Avery and I went to see her classroom. I think she was confused on why she wasn't staying for school time (that made two of us).

We came home to make some
Chicken Salad and wait for the boys when finally they arrived ... With their new short hair.

Sawyer's isn't that bad. It's just not as fluffy as it was before ... Tear. I'm sure it will be curly again in no time.
But poor Dalton ...

It's a little Lloyd Christmas-ish. It's a good thing he has a great personality.
I'm sure his will grow soon, too.

I'm going to try to enjoy the rest of naptime in the sun getting some much needed Vitamin D.
Clearly, this is not a regular occurrence as my white legs can attest to!!

Happy Tuesday!

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