Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Of Course It Was.

Disclaimer: The following images may be a teensy weensy bit of some copy-right-infringement-blah blah blah.
But they're pre-k photos, so sue me.
No, don't sue me ... Aaron would be way pissed.

So a few weeks ago it was a crazy morning (shocker!). We had had bible study at our house, Avery had done her daily 14 change of clothes routine and by noon, when it was time for her to go to school, I was already half asleep and in desperate need of a nap (Perk of simple life Pennsylvania= a lovely daily nap).

Aaron was home and offered to take Avery to school like he does many days (SCORE!!) and I was WAY too happy to climb in bed and nap with D-Man.

Aaron also picked her up from school (double score!) and I was just getting up from my nap as they were coming in the front door. I was snapped into full alertness when Avery hit me with, "Today was so fun, mommy! It was picture day."

Of course it was.

No clue.
Therefore when the proofs were emailed to me a few days ago ... This is a peek into some of the loveliness I found:

The last is my fav. Clearly, she is about to bust out laughing and knows these are as ridiculous as we do. I love that she started off with one baby doll, and somehow evolved to two.

What happened to normal pre-K head shots? I could have maybe slid under the radar as forgetting about picture day if it had just been a headshot. The sweatpants and dress up jewelry are a pretty big giveaway I dropped the ball.

You know I want to photoshop a big bow in there.

At least she was "com-foot-abble" as she always tells me when she gets her sweats on.

Yayyyyy for school pics.

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Jenny and Mark Bradley said...

I am laughing so hard there are tears! Thank you, thank you for not knowing about picture day. It was totally worth the laughs, in my opinion.

Jennifer T said...

i busted out laughing and showed this post to a coworker! too funny!!

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