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Most of my favorite people are mamas. They just tend to make the very best friends. After many years of putting themselves last, they usually grow to be quite selfless. They make great encouragers, as that's pretty much a job requirement in the mom field. They are excellent secret keepers, amazing cheerleaders, and soft shoulders to cry on. Mothers hearts just seem to be a little more tender, and I love that.
Growing up I had the best mom ever. No, really. She made everything special; she loved us unconditionally and just made life fun. She was an awesome "girl mom." She loved doing girly things with us and made major sacrifices to make sure we never went without anything. She's the best friend a girl can have, which is why more than one person count her as theirs. My sisters and I all blow up her phone multiple times a day for advice, love, or laughs. She's amazing. And I can't imagine living life without her.

Her silence can correct me without a lecture, her wisdom embodies every aspect of the Proverbs 31 woman, and her loving friendship is invaluable to me. She has set the bar so high.

Almost five years ago, God let me share the same privilege that I'm sure most women esteem in their hearts as their deepest pride and greatest joy: motherhood.

It is indescribably hard, but incomprehensibly gratifying. I daily praise the Lord for my three precious blessings. It has helped shape me into almost an entirely different person. It has taught me so much about God's love and sacrifice in a way my simple mind can understand. It's a lifelong course written just for me on some of God's most complexing attributes: I love knowing that God always sees the best in us, even when we're at our worst. I love that there is truly nothing I can do or not do that will make Him love me any more or less. I love that He has great plans and hopes for me. I love that He delights in me. I love that He would do anything for me. I love knowing that He is jealous for my attention and time.
Avery, Dalton and Sawyer have made me love Jesus in a whole new way. I've heard people say that once you become a mother you end up with your heart living outside your body, so much more vulnerable. It's is terrifying thing. I have written pages and pages in my journals and prayed for probably hours and hours for God's protection of these people that hold my whole heart in their little beings. I would do anything for their sweet selves and I only see the best in them... Even when they're in a funk that has lasted 3 months. Even when they pour out an entire jug of chocolate milk on the floor, and even though they manage to spill out half of the bath water on a nightly basis.
It makes me love them no less or want anything less than the best for them.
They are my treasures.

"If these are the treasures afforded sinful man, what must God have in store for those whose hearts are His?" -Augustine

I love pictures.

So I just want to post (and re-post) some of my very favorite of the wee babes.

I have loved celebrating the humbling and blessed GIFT of being "Mommy" to Avery, Dalton, and Sawyer today. I just love them with my whole, whole heart.
I tried to get a picture with my littles, but as mothers know ... This is quite the challenge. Add in the fact that we are all high on Benadryl and swollen from having terrible allergies and I threw in the towel after only a few shots.
Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day! Thankyou Aaron, Avery, Dalton, and Sawyer for always making me feel loved and special!!

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hannah said...

happy mother's day to you. what a beautiful post.

kater said...


I love reading your blog! I hope you don't mind. I have found it incredibly encouraging and inspiring since I became a mom. It has been the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me annnnd the hardest. I love your blog because I constantly go YES! Someone else knows what this is like, and because after one I want a houseful of these things! It also challenges me every time I read a post to be more loving, more fun, and more prayerful! God Bless you all!

Kate (Guerin) Moffitt

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