Friday, May 11, 2012

May Days

May has been very nice so far.
We've still had some cool days, but some warm ones as well. I am SO much happier on warm, sunny days. The sunshine and playing outside seriously warms my heart. I am totally aware that sounds SO cheesy, but I mean it... I crave pretty days!
Last Thursday we had bible study at my house and it was actually Naomi's 6th birthday, so he we had an impromptu party after we talked about our book.

I love these pics of Lisa and Naomi smiling at each other. So sweet!

We got Naomi a fun princess dress-up trunk that was a big hit between all the girls. I love seeing them all dressed up like the little princesses they are. So fun.

Elizabeth, Avery, and Naomi.

Hi Hannah!!

Sweet Asher.

Handsome boys, Micah and Dalton.

Dalton always wants Avery to dance when she gets dressed up. Sweet boy.

After the party Avery and I went to get some much needed pedi's. She asks to go all. the. time. And she was SO cute the whole time. It may just turn into a regular occurrence.

** Funny tidbit: During her pedicure Avery asked the girl if she used to work at K-Mart and the girl said, "Yes! Until last week." I mean, how smart and observant is that?! She is seriously one of the smartest kiddos ever. Nothing gets past her.
While we were gone Aaron let Sawyer have several cupcakes on the couch ... Lovely.

Another random tidbit ... That night Aaron was grilling and I decided to try out a PW recipe for her spinach salad. She calls it "the best spinach salad," and she is not exaggerating.
People, it is so stinkin' good. Don't think of this as a healthy salad, it's practically a meal in and of itself. I had it for lunch the next day and it was still delicious.

I added blue cheese, because I'm into it right now, and it was a great compliment. Do yourself a favor ... Make it soon!!!
So the next day was another BEAUTIFUL day. The kids and I played outside from around 9am- 4pm.

It was seriously one of the best days ever. I laid on a quilt and played with the kids for hours.
We had a scavenger hunt:

** Funny tidbit. I was trying to get them to find things from nature, which I assumed Dalton would just eat up. But for "Something Fuzzy," he went in the garage and brought me Avery's furry ear muffs. And for "Something straight," he brought me a golf club. He pretty much went into the house to find almost everything on the list. Stinker.

Avery found "something rough."

Sawyer trying to eat the dandelions.
We had a picnic.

We went on a walk around the neighborhood and met some fun new neighbors.

It was a GREAT day!
The next day Lisa and I went into Binghampton, NY to eat lunch and do some shopping. Then we met the men and kiddos and Chuck E Cheese.

Somehow during the day I got a yucky stomach bug and ended up coming home and going right to bed. I really didn't get out of bed or even really wake up until Monday morning.
Aaron is a great caretaker though! He kept the kiddos busy and quiet. Love him.

Love these sweet babies.
Today Aaron and went to play golf ... I love them so much.

Dalton has gotten really into golf lately ... Aaron even got him his own little golf set. You have no idea how hard it was to find a set for a little person that's left handed!
I am just sick that I didn't take any pics of Lauren and Cody's visit yesterday. They had spent several days in NYC and flew here before heading back to LR. They weren't even here 24 hours, but it was so nice to have familiar faces. We just grilled out and watched a movie as they were BEAT from their busy vacay, but honestly that was perfect. Reminded me of normal nights at home.
Not gonna lie, I've been a little homesick lately! I am counting down the few weeks left before the kids and I get to go home to LR for 3 weeks. Missin' my people.
Since Aaron and Dalton are golfing today, the rest of us are lying low, as our littlest guy is sick with yucky allergies. It was an all night event. Yuck.
But, it's another warm pretty day today that I'm so thankful for. This is my first time to live in a neighborhood in years so it's super nice to be able to walk outside.
Thank you Lord for beautiful creation and beautiful days with my sweet family. Life is good.
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