Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebrating Avery.

As Avery's birthday was approaching we explained to her that we still haven't met a lot of kids here and there really wasn't any way to do a "party." But Mom and Rach have PROMISED Avery that she will get her cake decorating party when we get back to AR. So, we asked Avery what all she wanted to do for her day of fun ... she said she wanted a shopping spree at Target, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, and wanted to go read books and get a cupcake at Barnes and Noble. For some reason this totally tickled me, I mean ... my birthdays aren't much different and I'm 26. I just love her. ;)

I didn't snap as many pics as I would have liked, buecause everyone was hardly sitting still. All the blurred pics of kids on the move were confirming that it's officially time to start pinching pennies for a fancy schmancy camera. The iPhone was just not cutting it.

After waking up to her requested breakfast of pancakes with strawberries and sausage we got ready and took off for Vestal, NY for our day of celebrating Miss Avery. Part of the Target fun was letting Avery fill up the cart (I tried my hardest to not pressure her into MY wardrobe preferences) and going in the dressing room to let her try everything on. Being that usually when you're in toddler sizes you don't have to actually try things on ... because everything just happens to always fit and look great. The child had a BLAST putting on a fashion show for us in the dressing room. Dede and Pop Pop sent her some blow money, too. So she was able to have QUITE the spree and still has a mani/pedi to come. It was so fun to see her match and pair little outfits and explain to me what event they would be perfect for.

This was during her shoe shopping ... Before she shed her Matilda Jane bday dress and cute cowgirl boots to change in the car into new Target duds and Hello Kitty glitter shoes  (that I bit my tongue and chose to look the other way about).
Avery, I just think you're the cutest no matter what you're wearing.

While we were in the dressing room Cody called to tell Avery Happy Birthday. Avery has had a MAJOR crush on Cody every since he and Aaron became friends. After he called she threw this dress on and wanted me to send the pic to Cody ... she is constantly making me laugh.

Chuck E. Cheese was a hoot. Dalton and Sawyer were pretty much on this horse the. whole. time. Every time Sawyer would ride it he would dismount, come to grab another token and then mount up again. I was rolling. He just seemed so big!

**Funny tidbit: We came to Chuck E. Cheese a couple weeks ago there was a grown man on this horse. Like ... he was balding and had a mustache. On this horse. Most of us were laughing so hard we were crying. Hilarious.

Moving on ...

Fun for all ages.

After emptying our wallets at Target and filling our bellies at Chuck E. Cheese we went to Avery's last request: Barnes and Noble. She knew she'd gotten a coupon for a free b-day cupcake was bound and determined to get one and a new book. After looking through almost every book there she finally settled on The Giving Tree which I was shocked when I realized we didn't have it! So it was a great pick!

Decisions ...  decisions ...

We came home to fix Avery's favorite dinner- tacos. We had several of our new friends over and Avery decided it was her best birthday she'd ever had. And well ... you can't beat that.

Happy Birthday Avery, you are so loved!!


Valerie Griffin said...

aw, looks like she had a great birthday :)

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