Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ahh ... Hello, Spring!!

Hip Hip Hooray! It's FINALLY Spring in Pennsylvania! That means fresh cut flowers on the tables, hours spent in the sunshine, and in turn, daily doses of Allegra for the whole fam. I am just loving life with these warm temps and being able to let the kids play outside from sun-up to sun-down. Not to mention the milder temps and lack of humidity we haven't missed a bit (which may be the ONLY thing we're not missing about Arkansas)!

Prepare yourself: This will be quite the hodge podge post ... bare with me.

This has been QUITE a fun-filled week! We started off with a BANG with Avery's birthday, then had a super fun family over for dinner Tuesday night that were just the sweetest people ever (I didn't break out the camera because I wasn't ready to chase them off when they realized I was one of  "those" people). But, they were darling.

Last night was one of the guys Aaron works with, Jason's, birthday so we had the whole crew over for dinner! We ate my fav summer pasta:

Bowtie Pasta, grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, steamed spinach, toasted pine nuts, parmesan cheese and a little lemon juice ..... Ridiculously easy and deeee-licious!!

I just love him.

And this one is just yummy!

We celebrated his birthday ...

Ate some yumminess ...

Avery learned to be a flyer ...

Many popsicles were consumed ...

Leading to lots of sticky kisses ...

And good times had by all ... it was a great night.

Followed by a fun end-of-the-year picnic at Avery's school today!
I dragged Jason's kids with me because they're visiting and are my new fav peeps! So fun, so cute, so sweet! Love, love them!

Singing their cute songs.

The Pre-K Grad herself!

Mason and Saw-Dog.

I could just eat him.

Avery is lllooovvviiinnnnggg some Theolke girls. She's even spending the night with them tonight!
** Sidenote- please look at my laptop keyboard ... pitiful.

And here are Dalton and Tripp with the bows Tripp MADE in the backyard today. Dalton is OBSESSED with Tripp ...seriously, sweetest kid ever. He's over here spending the night with D. I totally heart him and am loving them being here and hanging with us!

That's all our news for now .... but check back soon for more everyday happenings  in the Boonies.


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