Sunday, January 30, 2011

Funday Sunday

I really have no business blogging right this minute. But I find it therapeutic. Like, maybe I'll look back on these days later and go, "Aww that was a sweet time." It doesn't feel all that sweet today! Sawyer is teething ... Oh my! He is SO discontent, cries and cries and needs to be held all day.

I just gave him another round of meds and his bottle and so he's momentarily happy and it's nothing short of luxurious.

Don't let this face fool you, he's miserable.
Praying this little bit of contentment lasts for a little while ... My house is a wreck, my nerves are frazzled and my ensemble leaves much to be desired. It is so hard to watch your wee one hurting and upset and not be able to really do anything!! Sniff, sniff!

Switching gears ...The last few weeks we have started going to Saturday night service and it is wonderful. I love having all Sunday to lay low, rest, and just be with my family. Which was good because we probably wouldn't have made it this morning- We didn't even get a chance to go to the store today because of Mr. S having such a terrible day. Looks like McCallister's Bread Bowls ... It's raining now and that sounds yummy. But, this morning the weather was actually nice and the kids got to play outside, which is always great!
Here are A and D playing outside today. Counting down to Spring! :)

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