Thursday, January 13, 2011

January Snow

Saturday afternoon we knew a big snow was on it's way! Aaron went out to go to the grocery store (one of my favorite things about Aaron Boone is he likes going to the grocery store ... Love my man). Anyway, he filled up the cupboards with all our "snow food," plus plenty of diapers and formula and we waited ... By Sunday night we had almost SEVEN inches of snow! It was beautiful and so fun! Maw (Lynda, Aaron's mom) stayed with us so she could get into work because she lives in Hot Springs Village where the roads get treacherous. We had the best few days and ate quite an array of comfort food- PW's roast and veggies, duck stew, big breakfasts, pork chops and beans and cornbread. Something about snow makes me LOVE to cook even more.
The kiddos LOVED the snow! It was pretty dry so we couldn't make the best snowmen or snowballs, but it sure was fun to play in! Here are some pics from our snow days!

And then all the fun was over and we went back to "school" Wednesday ... It was 19 degrees when I dropped them off. Here is our little diva all dressed up for school. M-E-S-S!!!

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