Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hunting Widows

This weekend Aaron was off to the woods again (as well as my bros-in-law and dad), so I hauled my crew over to my mom's to spend the night with all the girlies. Mom cooked a yummy dinner and then my Aunt Tamra and her boys came over, as well as one of our Fav new friends Leah Jacobs! (I say "new" but "rekindled" is prob a better word!)
Anywho, we ate dinner, watched silly tv, and passed babies around. It was a fun Girly night. :)

Here are some random pics from Dede's.

Before Pop Pop left for the woods.

Bubby napping ... I do love a sleeping baby.

I laid Sawyer on Dash's new bed and he fell right to sleep. Then my mom almost had a heart attack seeing this so he was quickly moved to Dede's bed.

Love, love, love this girly girl.

Dede got out Emerson's old train set ... An instant hit.

Now we're home sweet home and ready for Daddy to get home!

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Katie said...

I love that your blogging again! Darling kiddos!

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