Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cereal Update

Here's my fav pic of him from a couple days ago to remind me how sweet and cute and delightfully darling he is ... Even if it is 4am. He looks like a little who from who-ville. Oh, I heart him.

And here's another one because I'm mildly obsessed with him and think he needs two ...

After feeding Sawyer his cereal at 6 and a big bottle at 8, I put him to bed at 8:30 in high hopes that this would help him sleep through the night. However, he just woke up at 3:15 and was WIDE-EYED. And since Aaron let me go to sleep at 8:30 as well, I was pretty wide-eyed myself.
I heard him start fussing around for about 10 minutes and knew it was not a "find my paci" cry ... I got him out before he woke all my other hoodlums up and walked him alllllll around the house. He looked and looked around and didn't even think about giving it up and falling back to sleep. We rocked, sang, sat and even watched the Food Saver infomercial for about 15 minutes ... They almost got me this time. I'm starting to think I might need one. To be greener ... :)
Finally, I gave up and fixed him a bottle. Usually he would fall asleep after about 4 oz. He didn't. He sat big-eyed through the whole thing. I made a few more laps through the house and then laid him back in his crib. Awake. He grunted around a few more minutes and I think after my 12 minute blog post at 4:14 am about absolutely nothing in a weak attempt to stay awake he might finally ... be ... asleeeeepp ... zzzzzzz ....

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