Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Avery's First Sleepover

Avery hit a milestone last night ... Her first overnight guest! Naomi came yesterday afternoon and was just delightful as they played, played, and played. I know they were bummed to not get to go outside, but it was just FREEZING yesterday (Seriously, it was 32 degrees and snowing). But they made the most of an inside day! They spent more than enough time dressing and redressing Barbie on the ipad, watching The Disney Channel and snacking it up with popcorn and Hot Chocolate- All girls favorite things.
The first time Naomi came to play I went downstairs to check on them and found them sitting side-by-side in A and D's little PB chairs that were pushed together with the ipad resting in between, blaring Taylor Swift. They each had their legs crossed and were looking at children's clothing magazines, pausing to show each other things and then replying, "Oh, that's cute!" I'm not exaggerating at all. That's when I knew they'd be life long friends. ;)
Through all the madness I didn't catch a lot of pics, but here is a peak into Avery and Naomi's big night.

I'm SO glad they have each other!!

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