Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update

It was a pretty low key weekend around here, which reminded me of home. We had a lot of rainy, dreary days and the temps dropped, encouraging us to stay inside.
Friday night we decided that Indian night was such a success we should have another themed dinner night; we went to the Hurst's house for a Mexican Fiesta. There was quite the line up of food: everything from Mexican Lasagna and Enchilada Casseroles to the Pioneer Woman's Shrimp Quesadillas (which were top notch). The yucky weather hadn't quite
moved in yet so the kids were able to play and we could eat outside. It was a good night.
We had a foster bunny this weekend ... Mrs. Bugs.

She had been Danny and Emily's rabbit, but they couldn't keep her anymore and so she used our fenced in garden as a halfway house before being released to the wild. The kids had a lot of funny checking on her and feeding her carrots. I would have let them keep her, but I was scared she was just sitting in there as prey and something was going to get her at night. All I could think about was that little white goat chained up in Jurassic Park waiting on the T-Rex ... Anybody, anybody? Anyway, we opened the pen yesterday to let Mrs. Bugs go free ... Good luck, Mrs. Bugs.
Sunday morning we went to the home church and studied Colossians 1. Afterward we had yummy pizza from Sopranos, a family meat market in town that has some of the yummiest pizza ev-ah. Then, Naomi came over to play with Avery. They are SO cute!! They constantly mention how they're best friends!

Thank you, Lord for providing friends.

Those aren't great, but I hate having posts without pics!

And then Sunday night Lisa and I went to the Sayre Movie Theater to see Hunger Games, which I was super pumped about since reading the books last summer.

Check out how old school this theater is!!! It was very cool.
As far as Hunger Games goes it was an excellent interpretation of the book ... However, I definitely had nightmares about it and I think actually seeing all the craziness acted out instead of just reading about it was a little much for my mother's heart.

Maybe that's why when this booger climbed up in my bed when I came home I was tempted to let him stay.

Oh, I just love, love my Dalton.

All in all it was a good weekend. Looks like another rainy day in the Northeast so we'll be having a PJ day.

Happy Monday!
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Morgan Smith said...

Oh yeah, I remember that goat. Love the updates!

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