Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almost Home Sweet Home

Well, we've arrived in Pennsylvania. It was an exciting trip up to say the least with tornadoes at every turn (one of the very few things I'll miss about the south) helping us to lose several hours of travel time, but we still made it safe and sound. Which if you were watching the weather that day you'll know that was NO small thing.

Ummmmmm .... I can't even talk about these. We were bunkered down in the bottom of Gander mountain in Franklin, KY with about 30 other people while these were 5 miles away. I mean, shut-up.
Thank GOODNESS my mom and sister were there to ride with me and help me drive, not sure what I would have done without them. Well, I wouldn't have done it- that's what.

We arrived late Saturday afternoon and were greeted with new friends and helping hands to unload the entire 26 foot uHaul.

These are a couple of the guys that came to help and who work with Aaron- Chris and Danny.

We really got most of the house set up before bedtime- which was huge. Then the next couple days we piddled in the house with accessories and finally went to "town," which is Elmira, NY that has a lot of my favorite stores and we were able to start to get settled. A MAJOR fav was the new grocery store, Wegmans, it's a Fresh Market/Whole Foods on sterroids. Even all the men kept saying, "you gotta go to Wegman's." I think I could spend hours and hours in there.

Rach left yesterday morning and Mom leaves tomorrow ... I could just about fall into a catatonic fit thinking about it. So I won't.

I am actually liking it more every day ... The people have been SO sweet. So far new friends have brought dinners every night, we had a park play day today Avery even already has a new BFF.
I'm thankful for GPS for taking me all over Pennsylvania and New York. We do live in PA, but since NY is less than two miles away we pretty much do everything there ... Weird. So weird. I honestly can't believe I'm really here.

Getting back into a new routine in a new place has really been a
breeze. I think we are all so happy to have Aaron back that we have barely noticed we're
so far from home. Not to mention, if I didn't know any better I would think I was in NW Arkansas ... It is full of beautiful countryside here, rolling hills and just seriously gorgeous views everywhere.

We went and looked at some pre schools and tomorrow I WOULD start my new bible study, but I'll be taking my sweet momma to the airport. (Boooo Hoooo!!!) So, it looks like every Thursday we'll have something: either MOPS or Bible Study- each will be every other week. They're talking about which study to do tomorrow and I'm pulling for the study that goes alongside Linda Dillow's book, "Calm My Anxious Heart," it seems appropriate. :)

One thing you won't see here is brick houses ... As Rachel said, "every house looks like it's off of James and the Giant Peach." I'm still laughing about that. It's just a VERY old town with very cute, but old, houses. It's very charming. Aaron found a super cute street (that carries a big Little Rock connection in the name, which is fun and a little reminder of home) and a cute house to rent during our PA stay that we are very thankful for!

Here are some outside pics ... Our new cozy cottage, view of the street and Avery's play house out back.

Walking in the house, you walk into the living room- so I'm sure this is where I'll be spending most of my time reading, praying, and Facebook-stalking, of course.

Here's the eat-in kitchen ...

I feel so organized. :)

I like that it is kinda country/cottagey ... Reminds me of home. Actually a lot of things remind me of our Boone Rd house here- love.

Here is Sawyer's little room. He still needs a little rug and I am having little burlap cornice boards made for above his windows with big brown monograms and a cute little burlap pillow made with his name on it ... So picture that. :)
Sawyer is generously sharing half of his closet with me ... So sweet of him.

He likes it. :)

Next is Avery and Dalton's room. The prideful part of me makes me have to tell you I had nothing to do with that border and did request the owner let us take it down ... But she was very attached. Soooo ... We're ignoring it. Which is difficult.

Their room is coming along, but Aaron's mom is making them some some darling quilts and shams. D still needs a bed skirt and a little rug. I'm also getting another little cornice board made for their room in fun yellow chevron and a funky "A&D" monogram ... I know it's so interesting to all those reading. I'm getting excited about little things these days.

Here's the little cute guest/kid bath:

I love that it says "Lavatory," just in case you got confused in this large estate.

I'm waiting on my super fun burlap ruffled shower curtain Rachel found on etsy to come in for the bathroom- typing that out makes me realize I may be overdoing the burlap. But I love it!

I'll show you the Master, but it's in some major need of attention!
Hopefully next week I'll find some fun side tables and lamps. I'm on the lookout for some fabric for some shades/drapes, as well.
But, it's coming along. The master bath is prettyyyy small and way outdated. So, I'm just gonna omit that. :)

Laundry nook ...

So glad my washer and dryer fit!
Last but not least is the high point of the house for the kids ... The basement. :) It's definitely a Multi purpose space ...

Guest room (and there is a full bath down there which is super nice.) We're ready for guests! Come visit!

This was practically Avery's setup at home, but it worked better at home. It's crazy moving into a house you've never laid eyes on! I had planned on all our upstairs furniture being down here and getting some new things, but NOTHING fits down the stairs! So it may be futons and bean bag territory! I wish I had taken a pic of all those men's faces when I told them the sectional and armoire were headed downstairs ... It wasn't good.

Toys, toys, toys. That aren't allowed upstairs- it's a beautiful thing.

Avery playing Cabela's Big Game Hunter. By herself. Hilarious.

I guess that about wraps it up. It's been a long day after sitting in the after-hours clinic with my mom and Sawyer all afternoon. Apparently a tube fell out and he has a double ear infection. He's been miserable for two days. :(
Also, when they asked me about my emergency contact info at the doctor I had a mini-breakdown crying, "I don't have any family here." that poor man.
I laughed about 5 minutes later, but in the moment it was sad, ha!

That's all for now! More soon!!

P.S. if you read this whole thing you're a champ. :)

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Dana Hof said...

I read the whole thing. ;) First, you can never have too much burlap...or anything with monograms. Second, you're the champ for having such a lovely commentary after such a big change, complete with tornadoes. Third, I am really hoping those tornado pictures are some you downloaded from the Internet to prove your point and not from your own personal cell phone. YIKES! Best wishes to you. You are in my prayers.

Linds said...

I read the whole thing! And I have to say that I am UBER jealous of all of your burlap! A ruffled burlap shower curtain?!?!? Be still my soul!

Elisabeth said...

Wegmans is the best! It's amazing how having a nice place to buy groceries makes such a difference! Let me know when you're ready for a visit from me and G. I'm impressed that you've settled in so well.

Morgan Smith said...

so so read the whole thing. may be one of my favorite posts that you have a basement for toys!!! and that you gave us a nice detailed walk-through:) you'll have to keep this up, missy, so that we can stay in the loop even if we are far away miles wise. hope sawyer feels better quickly. missed you already at bloom.

Carly Grace said...

Ryan is obsessed with Wegman's. That's what working as a grocery vendor to Wal-mart get you, I guess! Glad y'all are getting settled!

Stephanie said...

i loveeeee your cozy cottage!! And super duper envious of the basement. Sure do miss ya'lls presence here in AR. It makes me sad to drive by your house on my way to Bishop Park and it's so dark.

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