Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pennsylvania Pre-K

I went back and forth on starting the kids in another Pre-school program since it was so late in the year, but, Avery was DYING for some socialization and was missing school dearly. After calling around in hopes of finding a program that would take all three hoodlums I quickly discovered Mothers Day Out was a Southern thing, so there aren't any options for Sawyer, (Will someone PLEASE bless my heart) and things were pretty well filled up. I finally found a great little program that had one spot left for Avery. It's only Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:30-3pm which is pretty much the most inconvenient time ever, but hopefully with Aaron's uber-flexible schedule he'll be able to help me out with the taking and picking up.
Today was her first day and she was thrilled. We went and toured yesterday and she was just giddy all night and this morning.
She had a little friend over, Naomi, to play this am. It was wonderful to have a distraction for her so she wasn't asking every 27 seconds if it was time to go to her new school yet.

She's so shy.

After school I took them to Wendy's to get some celebratory frostys and fries ...it was quite the treat.

I asked Avery her favorite part of her day and she said meeting all the new girls. Her class only has seven students and three of them are triplets! She also told me that today had been show-and-tell, but since she didn't know to bring something she just "show and telled her boots." I love her.

She's just my very favorite Pre-schooler.

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Morgan Smith said...

how precious is avery??? i love that she got to start a new school and showed and telled her boots. miss her!! and the rest of yall boonies.

The Vincents said...

Fun times!!! I kind of gave up my social-networking last week and had been missing out on your updates. Glad I took a short peek today so I could "catch up" with y'all. I will go ahead and bless Your heart. ;)

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