Friday, March 18, 2011

Unforgettable Fridays!!

This week Avery had her first friend over. This is her little best friend at Mothers Day Out, Addi. They had the best time dressing up, playing outside, and of course running from Dalton. Have you seen Max and Ruby? If so just think of Avery and Addi as Ruby and Louise; and Dalton as Max. That was pretty much how the day went.

Aaron doesn't know it yet, but D may be wearing a few jon jons this summer. I'm not sure where- maybe the beach or if we go frolic in a field or something. But after trying this on him the other day I'm pretty sure his jon jon days aren't over.

My wittle lamby. Even though almost all sleep deprivation, constant baby holding, and general feelings of "icantgetamomenttomyself-itus" is due to this little guy, he is just the most presh thing I've ever laid my eyes on. He had a pretty bad week ... Or 6 weeks really. But, he's so cute and sweet and snuggly that I don't even care. Love this boy!!

I feel like I could have a reality show filled with quotes from the week of funny things the kids have said or done. Some are mildly inappropriate, some are probably just funny to me, and some are so silly, they're sweet. Multiple times through out the day I have to bite the sides of my cheek to keep from laughing at them. So. Stinking. Funny.
I don't want to forget all these funny, precious, cute things they say and do! So, I'm going to start documenting on Fridays all our "unforgettable" moments that week.

Here are some faves from this week ...

-A few nights ago we were saying our prayers and I asked Dalton what he was thankful for, he said "Jesus." Sweetest little thing I've ever heard!!

- Avery loves to say all the time, "We're mommies, so we ..." she'll fill in the blank with "we read books, we go potty, we play on our computers." Then when she's really lovey she throws her arms around me and says "best fwiends foredder." Oh, I love her. She also uses this against me, like if I'm getting on to her she can yell, "you're not my best friend anymore!" and go running off. She has a flare for the dramatics- I don't know where she gets it.

- Avery has recently become obsessed with Disneyworld. Anytime Aaron takes Dalton somewhere without her she asks if while they're gone we can go to Disneyworld. Or she'll wake up in the morning and say, "Mommy, on this day, can we go to Disneyworld." sweet baby.

-Dalton is very confused with some opposites: on/off; does does not- like if I'm wiping his nose he'll scream, "that doesn't hurt me!" thinking he's telling me it does hurt. Makes me laugh.

-Dalton just loves. his. mama. Like, a lot. He always begs me to sit by him on the couch, hold him, if he's laying down for naps he begs me to "lay down by me and get under the cudders." He just melts my heart. Some nights he comes and gets in our bed and he climbs in, put both hands around my neck and says, "I gotcha, I gotcha." And then I let him stay because I'm co-dependent and because I think they're only little for a little while.

-Dalton has started doing this new thing where when he comes
out of his room for the 547th time after we've put him to bed and prefaces his arrival into the living room with "wait, wait,wait Daddy!!" with his little hands out so we wont get mad he's up ... Again! It works- We laugh every time.

-if in the strange event D is getting in trouble ;) Avery will run after him yelling over her shoulder, "I got this, mommy!" Like she'll take care of disciplining him. So funny.

-this week I've noticed Dalton is getting a southern drawl like Avery. I love it so much!

-the other night Avery was laying in my bed and we were saying prayer and she started on one of her forever and a day long stories that has no beginning, middle, or end- just blabber, but in there she said something about how Facebook was in the bible. I stopped her and said, "Avery, Facebook isn't in the bible." She thought I was kidding and died laughing saying, "YES! Yes it is!"

Of course the MOST unforgettable thing that happened this week was Rachel and Ben getting married!! Eekk!! It was a beautiful wedding and such a special weekend and I of course took tons of pics, but they aren't on my phone meaning I have to blog from my computer. BUT, it will happen soon- just not tonight. :)

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