Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am SO over all the bugs at our house. I think we have been sick for over a month now. It's gone through everyone in our family but just LINGERS on the babies, especially Sawyer. It's pitiful. He's had an ear infection for 3 weeks, been on 3 different antibiotics and yesterday we found out his little ear is still infected and he now has RSV. I just knew that's what it was immediately when he woke up with a terrible cough Sunday Morning when he woke up with that cough. It's going around, several of my friends kids have it and it just seemed inevitable. I took him in yesterday morning. Dr. Rhodes decided to start him on 3 days of Rocephin (sp??) shots for his ear and wanted him to get an inhaler for breathing treatments, which he is less than thrilled about. It is very stressful watching and listening all the time to make sure he isn't wheezing, breathing hard, or in any kind of distress throughout the day. The doctor said it could go from bad to worse quickly, and if so to rush to the ER, which is pretty much my worst nightmare.

Here he is waiting on his little shot. Could he be any more pitiful? He's not nearly as interested in his bottle but will suck down some pedialyte!
We finally came home and he napped late in the afternoon and then didn't go back to sleep until 11. He slept straight through to 8am. Sweet boy. We went this morning for his 2nd shot and then he came home and took a
short nap. It's hard to get much sleep around here when Avery and Dalton think we live in a bounce house and they need to climb the walls, screaming the whole way. My sweet mother-in-law took them home with her last night so we did have several hours of peace and quiet before they arrived home this morning. It was lovely.

This was when we got home from the DR this morning ... Avery insisted on being in the picture.
I feel WORN out! It's exhausting constantly worrying about sicklings on top of everything else. Not to mention being so out of our normal routine.
PRAYING that God will heal Baby Sawyer soon ...

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Katie said...

So sorry girl! It's so sad to see them so sick. I definitely can relate dealing with constant sickness and constant worries about breathing. It's so hard. Anyway, I will be praying that little Sawyer will be healed soon and stay well for a long time. Good luck!

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