Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here we go again ...

We went to the doctor AGAIN today. Dalton has bronchitis and Sawyer has a pretty bad cough, plus the beginnings of another ear infection. I kinda want to cry. And I was kinda embarrassed to be back at the doctor. She said that their allergy symptoms probably turned into bacterial infections. Sad, sad, sad. Last night Dalton came coughing and hacking in my room about 3am with 101 fever ... A few minutes later Sawyer woke up crying. Sawyer was up from 3 until after 5. I kinda feel like I'm going crazy. Or maybe just becoming more crazy.
I did have a fun little break today when I went to go meet all The Swap Shoppe customers to give them their purchases. I swung by and grabbed a Large Vanilla Coke and chilled out listening to my Kari Jobe station on Pandora. It was like a mini-vacay for sure! It was a WELCOMED break for sure!

Well, back to reality ...

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the osbornes said...

I want to know if you stayed awake in your car that whole time? I would have taken a few cat naps! :) Praying for the Boonies! You know I feel ya 100%

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