Thursday, March 19, 2009

There are no words ....

Well, maybe a couple words that I really want to say right now. Most have 4 letters and most I would have confess later. Avery and I have just been going round and round. She is just such a stinker lately!! I think over the past few weeks she's just gotten .... I refuse to say "bad," but I am looking for a synonym. There are constant temper tantrums and she screams "no" at me all the time! I don't know where my sweet little baby went?!?!?!
Last night we went to Aaron's grandmother's house to eat dinner. Avery was perfectly delightful when she was doing something she wanted to be doing, but as soon as I told her "no" she was on the floor kicking and screaming. Kicking and screaming, I tell you!
After we got home last night she laid around and played in the floor with Aaron and then we got her ready for bed. Aaron put her in her crib and went out on the front porch. A few minutes later we hear a "thud" and here comes Avery ......................................................
She can escape!! She recently learned how to open her door after I started putting her in time-out. So we let her sleep in our bed in contrast to trying to convert her crib to a toddler bed late at night.
But, I have a great habit of waking up and forgetting all bad moods, events, or feelings from the previous day. However, Avery reminded me very quickly. So far this morning she has thrown about 4 temper tantrums, she got the icing packets for the toaster strudels that were cooking, off the counter and made QUITE the sticky mess (she opened these herself). AND THEN she opened the oven (THE ONE THAT WAS ON AND BAKING THE TOASTER STRUDELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and put a plastic cutting board in there. I saw her open the oven and I spanked her about that- it's just SO dangerous!!!! But I didn't know she had put anything in there until I smelled it. I opened the oven and couldn't even identify what was in there. I seriously want to cry about how big of a mess that will be to clean up. Kinda hating that the cleaning lady came yesterday and not today. Crap.
BUT there is a light at then end of the tunnel. Tonight I am super pumped about going to the soft opening for the new Sephora at Park Plaza mall!!!! Woo Hoo!! No babies allowed! And tomorrow the wedding weekend begins for Morgan and Derrick! Yay!!!! Plus all my cousins and family from Colorado and Alabama will be here next week so there will be lots of "help" around here next week.
OK, I'm feeling a little better, I had to vent. And I just thought it would really overwhelm Aaron if I called with a breakdown at 10 am.


Corby and Lauren said...

Oh Rebekah... I sure hope that your day gets better! I remember the day that Annalise learned how to throw a temper trantrum- what a NIGHTMARE! It just drains you so much, and I hope this phase goes by very quickly! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Whenever we come for our first LR visit, I'll let you know so you can see her!

Mary Virginia said...

Oh my dear sweet friend, I can understand a bit of your pain (at least between 8-5). Emme is a month older than Avery and I'm sure they could be best friends. ;) Em started throwing tantrums a few months ago and it can just ruin my day! Especially that the almost four year old still throws them as well. My advice is be consistent with Avery's punishments because Bubba will be watching even when you think he's too little to "get it." All of a sudden Emme picked up all of Luke's bad habits because he really didn't have consistent punishments until I started it with him. Good luck and hang in there!

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Thanks Girlies!!!!!!! :)

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