Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Something Fun

OK, here's another one. You better be good and do it and then pass it along!

Five names you go by: Rebekah, Mama, "Soft Bird" (haha, family inside joke... weird thing)
Three things you are wearing right now: Tunic, Jeans, Cowboy Boots
Three things you want very badly at the moment: The "go ahead" for putting our house on the market, A getaway trip with Aaron, A Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich from Backyard Burgers.
Three people who will fill this out: Mandy, Alison, Cabs (if she ever re-enters the blog world).
Two things you did last night: Cooked Dinner (BBQ Chicken, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes and Crescent Rolls), Watched the Bachelor Finale ... whoa, Missed living with my sisters like crazy, (but we called each other every commercial break.)
Three things you are doing or did today: Took a shower, went to Moms 'n More, Getting ready for physical therapy this afternoon.
People you last talked to on the phone: Bobo (Aaron's grandmother), Lisa, and the lady at the Peabody to make our reservations for the family life conference: A Weekend to Remember next month.
Two things you are going to do tomorrow: I'm drawing a blank ... feed the kids, change their diapers, go to physical therapy.
Your favorite beverage: Mexico Chiquito Fruit Punch ... delish.

If you are reading this post then you are tagged. I just don't really know how to do that yet!


Carly Grace said...

Rebecca, I just found your blog :) I look forward to hearing about your life down there and seeing pics of your beautiful babies!

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