Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our First ER Visit.

Tonight we had an "incident." Avery was sitting in her booster chair, in the dining chair, pulled up to the kitchen table. For one reason or another the seat was not strapped in. When Avery is done eating a lot of times she will push away from the table, scooting the chair away. Well, this time when she did this the loose chair flipped out throwing Av into the table. She hit right under her left eyebrow. It scared her to death! If Aaron hadn't been right there I might have lost it completely. It was POURING blood. Avery was screaming. Dalton was crying. I was frantic. It was a mess.
Thankfully, Aaron pretty much thrives in these situations. He is completely cool, calm, and collected. He doesn't miss a beat. We racked our brains for RNs close by to see if we should take her in. It was kinda small, but would NOT stop bleeding! His Aunt Carol Ann came over and said she thought Av needed a stitch.His mom happened to be at bible study near by and rushed over to watch Bubba. And off we went.
When we arrived at Arkansas Children's Hospital we were greeted by a metal detector and about 6 big policemen. Not security guards in a golf cart- policemen. Cocked and Loaded. Exactly whom I want to see when I'm escorting my baby girl into the hospital with a busted head. Super.
We were sent to triage where they told us that kids that come by ambulance or have respiratory symptoms rank a 1, Avery was a 2. And, they thought she might have to be sedated because it was too close to her eye to try to hold her still for stitches, therefore she couldn't eat or drink for the duration of our stay. The waiting room visit alone was about about 2 and a half hours. Can I repeat that?? We stayed in a hospital waiting room for 2 and half hours with no juice or snacks.......... Holy Moly. Lisa told me we were lucky though because most of the time at Children's whenever you come in with an injured child they seperate the two parents for questioning to make sure you weren't abusing your child. I would have lost it.
We were then taken to a back room that reminds me of what hell must be like. Crying babies, screaming kids, HELLACIOUS. The doctor would come in and scrub the heck out of her eye and get her all worked up. We would spend 12 minutes calming her down, just in time for them to come in and do it again. Hell, I tell you.
We hugged and hugged and coddled and coddled. It was pitiful. Of course by this time it's almost midnight, so she was exhausted on top of everything else.
This was a funny moment in the video below. One of the very, very few and far between. She had her duck and was just a mothering it away. Anything we did to her, she did to the duck. She's so funny.

Then the doctor came in and said in order to do stitches they would have to sedate her (which we had already agreed was not going to happen). So they were going to do Dermabond on it. Which essentially is a glue. We still had to all hold her down so that it didn't get in her eye. They cleaned it out by pouring a whole bottle of cleaning solution in it, she was soaked. And then applied the glue. The worst part was that one eye was covered and the other was half open and I was really all she could see. So through shaking screams she would shriek "MMAAMMAA!!!!" I almost died. She literally cried herself to sleep during this part. The poor little thing was just screaming and shaking. Oh.My.Lord.
Afterward she was trying to put on her fleece and pointing to the curtain saying "Bye Bye! Please! Bye Bye! Please!!!!!!!!!!!" Because for some reason it took forever to discharge us. We were SO ready to leave. Children's ER doctors and nurses seriously have one of the worst jobs ever. I could NOT work there.
We finally made it home around 1 or 1:30 a.m. She was zonked out. Never even made a move. Poor little thing.
Unfortunately, our Moms and More luncheon was the next morning. Agh! I was so disappointed! It was a common theme this year- every luncheon, brunch or special thing, my kids got sick or some crisis happened before. It was ridiculous. My leader even joked with me last week saying "don't tell your kids the luncheon is next week Rebekah, you know they'll get sick." But obviously Moms 'n More wasn't gonna happen this morning either. Avery slept until 9 and Dalton slept until 10:30 ... He is going to have to slow down on his growing.
Here are some pics of our horrible trip to the ER! (Of course I took pictures!)

On our way to the hospital ... Before I knew she couldn't have juice and snacks.

Aaron is such a good Daddy

She is already such a little "Mommy"


After one of the lovely "scrub sessions"

Post Dermabond ...

Finally home safe and sound. What a night.


Shaylea said...

Poor little thing. I'm glad she's ok!

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