Thursday, May 7, 2009

I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart ... Where?

Hello, Hello, Hello ...
Today has been quite a silly day. I was up all night with Avery, who was just coughing up a storm and praying for a friend with a sick baby. I finally just got Avery and put her in our bed with us. I know, spare me. I was just wanting to hold my little one. However, I learned my lesson, when at 6am she was saying "Mama, Mama, Please, Dora." I caved, I was so tired and I just let her watch Noggin until 7:30.
Later today, Dalton turned the whole trash can over on himself and oodles of noodles and other yucky things fell on him, so into the bath tub we went. They really thought it was funny to be in the bathtub during the day and were being very silly. We have been working on learning the song, "I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart, (Where???)" We clap during the "joy, joy, joy" part. Dalton gets really excited about so I wanted to show him off. Never works. Instead Avery plays Mother Hen and tries to make him do it, then Dalton decided it would be a good idea to scream the whole time. I felt the need to video it for our viewing pleasure .... Enjoy.

What's For Dinner???
Tonight Aaron's mom is coming over and bringing catfish and chicken! My FAVORITE! Yay! So I will be taking the evening off, thank you very much.
Dalton is getting fussy, so I'll add in today's prayer later on.


the osbornes said...

So funny. The ending is my favorite. Sweet little munchkins

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