Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here Comes the Sun!

For some odd reason, I really feel like I don't have anything of merit to tell you people ... seriously!
I will brag on my fabulous hubby for a minute. Yesterday I went to Little Rock for our wild and crazy playgroup. It got really crazy, because we were in the indoor playground and there were a lot more kids that usual. I stayed up in LR at my moms for the rest of the afternoon. Later in the afternoon, with all the stormy, yucky weather, I started craving some Paula Deen comfort food (shocker). I asked Aaron what he was in the mood for and he said steak, mashed potatoes, and fries (why did I even ask???). After talking him into going with only one potato, he offered to go to the grocery store, "um yes, please!!" So I made him a list and that man went to two different stores looking for all my items and then went by Target to get diapers and wipes. THEN he came home and grilled the steaks and fixed dinner! I just about melted. Never has he been as hot as he was walking in with all those grocery sacks in the pouring rain!! Bless him!! OK, I'm done ... but MY how that just made my week!!
Then today I woke up to the sun shining for the first time in goodness knows, how long. Maybe my Lillis might just bloom after all, they were in some serious need of some sunshine! I really want to be out there in it, attempting to tan my pale skin, but I really need to take a shower and mop before my kiddos wake up.
Speaking of my wonderful kids, Avery broke my camera yesterday. That's right, she accidentally knocked it off the counter while the zoom was out. It must have landed right on the lens, when it hit the tile floor and jammed it. It will NOT go back in and the picture is completely blurred. Ugh ... add it to the list.
If I think of my top 5 things I would hate to live without, my camera would definitely make the cut. There aren't even any holidays approaching in which I feel better about getting a new one. Another "ugh" feels necessary... ugh. After a lot of research, I did discover that digital camera prices are ever going down, so that is definitely a plus side. I will just have to get a new one before Memorial Day Weekend at the lake. That is a given. I'm hoping it's not a Kodak wind up one from the Shell station ;)
Well, peeps I think that's all I know. Dalton has done something, not so nice with my little prayer book and when I locate it, we will continue on.
What's For Dinner????
I'm altering Giada's recipe for Roman-Style Chicken tonight ....
here is the link to HER recipe,
but I'm altering the ingredients, to what I have in my cupboard, which is pretty close (bacon, instead of prosciutto. Dried herbs instead of fresh, Green peppers instead of red and yellow, and I wouldn't be surprised if I added a little whipping cream and lemon juice- love it!)
...So Roman-Style Chicken over Bowtie Pasta, Salad, and Breadsticks ... I do love my pasta!


Shaylea said...

Aw, very sweet. But mashed potatoes AND fries?

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Thank you, Shaylea. He thought this was perfectly fine! I talked him into a salad over mash potatoes ... loves his carbs!

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