Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Plague

Well, it's happened.
The plague has hit our house. And by plague, I mean gosh-awful. And by gosh-awful, I mean something of a biblical, Old Testament, probably was the next option if Pharaoh didn't let God's people go kinda thing.
Ya followin' me?
I promise on my life, one of the FIRST thoughts I had when AB brought up the possibility of moving to Pennsylvania was, "what happens when we all get sick?" Of course, by that meant what happens when I get sick and am still expected to carry out my motherly/homemaking responsibilities ...

"Hey, babe-Can we fly my mom and Lynda up here now?"



I do feel like I've now had a motherhood rite-of-passage or something though.
This may be my first wake up in the middle of the night to clean up yuckiness, bathe children affected by said yuckiness and change sheets, further affected by the afore mentioned yuckiness.

Mmm Hmmm.


Life is so glamorous as a mama.

I do have a teensy positive though. They tend to turn into the sweetest little snuggle bugs when they're sick. They're calm and just want to lay around (my favorite pastime). Definitely not worth all the ... Um, yuckiness ... But if I had to find a positive, that'd be it.

Pause- another complete bed change. Yikes.

What was I saying, oh yeah - A positive. I take it back. There are no positives here.

We had lots of fun-Christmasy-December outing and "innings" planned for the weekend, looks like all of that will be put on hold for at least another week.

For now I fear this may be the highlight of the weekend ...

Popsicles and movies in the big bed. Clearly, we're getting to the bottom of the barrel on linen options. Cue the Tinkerbell comforter.

Yay for bone broth, Epsom salt bath's, and pedialyte. And wine to get me through.

Wash your hands people. I'm serious.
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Morgan Smith said...

oh your writing makes me smile:) hope yall feel better asap. miss yall

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