Sunday, December 30, 2012

Home for the Holidays 2012

This year, probably more than any other, we were so excited to spend Christmas with our families. We took off a couple days early for what is becoming a way too usual occurrence ... the twelve hundred mile voyage home.
This was really Aaron's first time to get to come home since he left last January, and he was more than ready to get there ... mainly to the duck woods- but whatevs.

Aaron let me get a fancy (for me) new camera a little early so I could document our Arkansas trip ... I'm still totally learning and definitely just shooting in Auto mode, but it's quite a step up from my iPhone camera. ;)

I checked Avery out of school early on Wednesday, December 19 and we were on the road to AR by 1pm.
We ended up taking Aaron's truck so we could pile stuff in the back, which ended up working out wonderfully. On the way home we stopped an unprecedented four times ... and we made the trip in 16 hours ... that typically takes me 21 hours. Cray cray.

On Friday night Avery and I went with my parents, Emerson, Rachel and Ben H to see White Christmas at the Rep. We've watched the movie at least twice every Christmas so it was SUCH a treat to get to see the play. I think Avery enjoyed it the most- she just clapped and clapped, she giggled and loved every moment. LOVED having her with me.

We had a fun dinner before the show ... How cute are my sweet brother and darling dad? Not to mention my bestie in the middle. Love them.

Then a couple days later Aaron emerged from the woods to come home and bring Dalton back with him to my Dad's cabin/lease deal. Dalton has constantly asked to return to the "Cabinet."
I'm sure DP for breakfast has nothing to do with it.

It took me a couple days to break out my new camera because I left my camera card at home and to run get a new one ... but I finally got one on my way to SB's when Sawyer and I went to stay with she and Noah.

Sweet, sweet, Noah. Can't believe this lovey will be a BIG BRO come July.

We had more cousin time with some of the Boone's on Christmas Eve day as we went to celebrate the always fun and rarely predictable life of Aaron's Great Uncle Coyce Boone who passed away on December 21.

I'm convinced that these two are twinkies ... Christopher Boone, you're just darling.

I also got to go spend time with my Memaw  and Tom on Christmas Eve ...

My mom ended up getting sick on Christmas Eve, so we moved the festivities to my Aunt Tamra's house ... it was so special to be with a lot of the fam.

Noah's new trick ... "Hhhiiiii!!!"

Mimi and GBob gave Avery the most precious tea set!

**The Chocolate Game: Each player takes turn rolling the dice, when you roll double sixes you suit up in all this snow gear and have to cut into the package and try to eat as much chocolate as possible before someone else rolls a double six. I don't even really like chocolate, but I am about to kill for some chocolate every year by the end of this game.

I miss this sweet thing so much I just literally ache for him sometimes. Love him so.

Then  we went home to Dede and Pop Pop's to see if Santa would come...

He did!!

 I kinda love this pic.

Aaron drew Emerson and got him a duck call which we had the pleasure of listening to all morning ...

I drew Rachy.

Mom with her favorite sons. Better luck next year, Ben Wellons.

Plumb worn out.

But, he pressed  through for more Christmas Merriment at Maw and  Da's ...

Avery with her perfectly manicured and pedicured nails.

One of Avery's most favorite gifts. Definitely what she's played with the most ... she's schooled almost every person, animal, and imaginary students in our house.

We had a smorgasboard of a Christmas dinner as a lot of our dishes didn;t make it since we had to postpone Boone Christmas due to the SNOW STORM that was coming. More on that to come ...

The kids seriously played NON-STOP for days ... no one asked for a movie or an electronic ... they just played. It was lovely.

For the first time since 1926 we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! It was gorgeous and dangerous and with the two inches of ice on the bottom, and 200,000 without power- maybe not all it was cracked up to be.
But, it sure was pretty!

I probably could have gotten some better pictures if I'd wandered outside, instead of just peaking out the back door. But it was cold ... and wet ... and I'm more of a house cat.

Amazingly enough, we never lost power. So, we spent most of the days playing games, cooking up yumminess, sitting by the fire, and catching up on some reading. I totally loved it.

Reviewing the Schleich Animal Collection on-line.


Back on the road  ... After a few days we traveled to Sheridan for a couple nights to see our friends, The Wilson's. Well, the kids and I did ... Aaron and Derrick went to duck camp (Shocker).

The roads were pretty sketchy.

But, we made it.

Madeley Catherine, you're just a doll!

This makes me laugh.

And this makes me smile!

After Sheridan, I went to my moms to catch up with some of my friends and Aaron took the kids back to Hot Springs Village for Boone Christmas the following day.

I had so much fun getting to spend a few hours with some of my Little Rock favorites for lunch ... I just love y'all, MK and Mandy! Can't believe we didn't snap a pic. Arg.

Then that night I went to dinner twice ... at first with my mom, sisters and their hubbies ...

Then I walked over and had dinner again with some of my long, lost BFFs. Yay Bruins! Yay Local Lime!

Pretty sure we were there from 7:30-midnight ... I had way, way too much fun.

The next morning I went out to meet the rest of my fam at Lynda and Ricky's for their family Christmas.
Lots of crazy, cousin fun. A happy day for sure.

These three are just TOO much ... silly boogers.

If that's not cute, I don't know what is.

Oh, hey Mandy. :)


SO  proud of all this reading little miss has been doing.

Peak Sneakers.

Then, we  ended up packing up and heading back to our Pennsylvania home. I actually was ready  to be back in our little cozy spot. 

We stopped off at the "Cabinet" in Carlisle to say bye-bye to Pop Pop and Emerson. 
Love, love, love my sweet Daddy. A lot (Grainy iPhone pic ... don't even care).

Most of the time I really, really like him.

Wish I could say the rest of the trip was this peaceful ... it wasn't.

But, we made it.

And Pennsylvania was looking mighty pretty under the blanket of snow.

Happy New Year Peeps!
The Boone Fam

Psalm 65:11
You crown the year with your bounty,
    and your carts overflow with abundance.


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