Monday, June 4, 2012

This and That.

A little of this, a dash of that, a sprinkle here and a splash of that.

I can't help but feel as though our days are becoming like some kind of special family recipe. It seems with my most favorite concoctions I never measure out the ingredients but knowingly reach for the right jars to make sure the dish is seasoned with everything that makes us come back for a second helping. Every day as we wake up and start mixing together the familiar ingredients the day begins to take on the comforting aroma of learning to slow down and enjoy the small things: Morning walks, picnics in the yard, long afternoon naps and trips to the ice cream stand. Nothing extraordinary or even uncommon, but full nevertheless.
The Thoelke kiddies are still here for a few weeks and we're continuing to love having them around. They totally entertain my littles and even though it has meant way more messes ... it's been great having them here.
Last week Trip turned 9 ... he had spent the night with us the night before and woke up requesting pancakes.

Isn't he the cutest? I keep telling him he can move in ... he thinks I'm joking ... I'm not.

Sweet boy.
After breakfast we headed into Vestal to go to (drumroll please ...) Chuck E. Cheese. I know, I know... shocking.

We loved spending the day with Trip!
This weekend flew by and I seriously can't think of anything especially wonderful. It's been rainy and chilly ... which after a heatwave was welcomed right on in.
Friday was National Donut Day ... so we were more than happy to indulge at a delicious little bakery we found. In hearing my southern accent trying to quiet the five children (two of which were missing shoes) huddled around me, plus the fact that I looked like quite the hot mess myself after wrongly expecting we would find a drive-thru, the regulars were definitely staring. Whoops. But totally worth it ... the best donuts I've had in a while! Yummy!!

The days have seemed muchhhhh longer the last few days as Sawyer has learned to crawl out of his crib. Instead of climbing out as soon as we put him night-night, he goes right to sleep as usual.
 No, the problem comes in the middle of the night. At random times he come stumbling out of his room, completely disoriented, refusing to go back to sleep anywhere except snuggled up next to me. Cue what I like to call "musical beds." We end up hopping all around and eventually give it up around 6:15. Now, in case you aren't familiar with my children, they're sleepers. None of my kiddos have ever been in routines where they get up before 8:30am. It's glorious. It's one of my favorite things about them. Kiddingggg. Well, kinda. So, needless to say, we're all a little disoriented around here now! Aaron went out looking for crib tents, but you have to order them. And since we're leaving in less than a week for Arkansas for three weeks and the tent isn't portable, I didn't want to start that until we're back in a routine. So ... bring on the coffee and concealer.

He now falls asleep at random times since his schedule is so off. Here he was playing on the iPad and two minutes later crashed. Bless it.

Another random tidbit is loving having big girls in the house who like to do girly things like eat fancy cheeses, drink sparkling lemonade from wine glasses (not that Avery didn't totally love that, too!) and talk about celeb gossip. Is it bad that I think even silly stuff like that is good for my soul?? Don't answer that ...

Avery has been prepping making homeade lemonade for the next pretty day when she can have a "lem-o-made stand and make lots of money." Already a little entrepreneur.

I just love a silly bathtub pic. :) I can't tell you how many I have of my sisters and me in the same pose. I think my mom did this to our hair every night in the tub. Love.
Saturday night the Knoxes came over and we grilled out ... meaning the men grilled out and we sat on the couch chatting. Ahhh ...

And as usual, late night game playing with my love. I need to document I've beat him the last two nights. Thankyou very much.

Today was a fun day. Aaron told Trip on his birthday last week he was going to take him to a Mets baseball game and today was the day. Aaron, Trip, and Dalton loaded up to head to Binghampton for their boys day.
Ironically, I have no pictures of Trip ... but he was there!

All good things come to an end, and apparently today ended a little earlier than expected. The game went into a rain delay after the first inning and they ended up having to call the game. I think they had fun though!

Since the boys were off to day of manly business, we thought it only fair to treat ourselves to pedicures ... an obvious decision.

Sunday was kind of crazy day. I was exhausted and on a wee bit of an emotional rollercoaster. But after taking a trip out in the country to bring a friend dinner and seriously having to stop several times to take in the beauty of my surroundings I felt much better. The area we live in is appropriately called "The Valley," as we are surrounded by beautiful hills, mountains and ridges. I still get distracted driving down the road and looking at what surrounds me. Isn't it so cool to think about how nature is just one more way we can see God? That He really is beautiful? That it's His personality on display for us? I think beauty is so important to girls; things like flowers and decorations and pretty accessories are just refreshing. So seeing that those things are important to Him,too makes me love Him more. Makes me feel like He gets me. Ya know?

"He has made everything beautiful." Ecc. 3:11


Linds said...

I've had a couple of people say the crib tent didn't work that well... just an FYI. Brayden did the same thing as Sawyer. It was SOOOO annoying (plus I had a newborn, so I was doubly annoyed). We ended up turning the knob around and locking him in his room. It sounds awful, but I was desperate and he eventually realized that he just needed to get back in bed. If you wanted a nicer version, you could try a baby gate at the door instead :)

Lady Harris said...

I so enjoyed reading this post! I just love peeking in on your life :)

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