Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The End of an Era.

We hit a milestone tonight ...

Honestly, we've never taken a crib apart (except to move) without having another up or in prep to move to a different bedroom. We actually had two cribs for awhile when Dalton was born because Avery was only 12.5 months old and still needed a crib. So, she got a new girly crib and room and D had her old gender neutral nursery.
Then when D started crawling out of his crib he ran straight to Avery's room and slept with her for a few months before we discovered Sawyer was on his way, so we never took it down. So we've had that crib in our house for over five years. True story.
The last week Sawyer has learned to climb out of his crib and starts roaming the house in search of me or chocolate chip cookies, whichever he finds first.
I've been reluctant to lock him in his room because he can't climb back in his crib, so that seemed kind of pointless.
However, tonight I came in to find Aaron taking down the crib. I
was a teensy bit upset, because clearly Sawyer is still an infant, but I think it's the right move.
And Sawyer LOVES it! When we told him it was bedtime he went FLYING in his room, chocolate milk under his arm, to get under his covers, waving "night-night" the whole way!

So, right now we just put his little crib mattress on the floor until we get back in July to decide what to do with his sweet self. I'm leaning toward putting Avery in there to have her own room and letting the boys share ... We'll see.
So wish us luck!
He's all locked in!! Yikes!

No more cribs ... Check! Now if we can just get him out of diapers!
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Linds said...

Brayden was on the floor in his room on a crib mattress when we moved to our new house. he thought it was so cool. Hoping your transition is a smooth one!

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Oh good! That makes me feel better. Aaron and I were cracking up at how much Sawyer loved it, too! Thought it was the coolest thing!

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