Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy 4th to My Dalton!

Today we are celebrating my sweet Dalton's 4th bithday. Something about the fact that he is in 4T/5T clothes and has been for several months softens the blow of having him growing another year older. And he definitely seems four. BUT, I have to throw in the cheesy line that it's hard to see him getting older. Every time he yells across the playground "I love you Mommy! I think you're bee-you-ti-fulll" my heart kinda breaks a little because I know this season is so short-lived, that he won't be a mama's boy forever (cue the tears). I mean, I don't want him to be, but, okay ... I kinda do.

When Dalton was born, I fell hard and fast. My mama's heart was already prepared on how to open up and love a baby (with Avery I was so overwhelmed with the responsibility it took me a few months to fall head over heels). But with Dalton, I just loved him from the first millisecond and was completely obsessed. I still am ... he's my sweetest child. It's true. All three clearly fill my heart equally, but Dalton just lovveessss his mama. He loves me to sit (and preferably sleep) right by him at all times, he gives me random undeserved kisses all through-out the day and just makes me feel like the bestest person in the whole wide world. He is a baby lamb. Dalton Boone LOVES all animals in every shape and size. I've been grilling him about birthday wishes and all he will ask for is more tiny animals. I finally got out of him he wanted a sword and shield and maybe a bow and arrow ... but really he's always happy with a little animal from Tractor Supply, but he will have to pick them out himself- no telling what he would want ... Other than that he's just very low maintenance.

I'm excited to spend this weekend at the lake with him ... swimming, jumping, treasure hunting, tubing and of course dining on delicious grub (which he's asked for ribs ... of course, he did). He's SUCH a boy. HE is constantly wanting to be naked (although he has recently discovered that wearing underwear makes a perfect holster for his swords (see above picture).

He gallops like a horsey everywhere he goes, constantly holding a club, sword, stick or some time of cooking utensil pretending it's s weapon. He just makes me laugh. And cry. And smile. He's lovely.

Dalton Boone, you are delightful in every way. You are so sweet, so fun, so loving and you just make every day more special. I love having such a helpful big brother who is so quick to watch out for his little brother AND big sister, how big are you?!?! You already have a heart for Jesus and love hearing all the bible stories. Your nightly prayers are the sweetest little things I've ever heard. I love how much you love animals and your swords, you are such a tender warrior- I pray you will you use all your love of adventure for Jesus, and I just know you will make such a splash in The Kingdom.
You are my most favorite four year old in the whole world, and I can't wait to see how much more special you become this next year!!!
I sure do love you sweet boy!
xoxo, Mommy


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