Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We survived January ... Here's the proof :

As we're preparing for our big move North (gulp), we have been pretty darn busy. There are seriously NOT enough hours in the day. Most days I am up by 6 and finally climb into bed around 11, yet my plate just gets fuller and fuller.
HOWEVER, on the plus side of leaving we're being spoiled rotten with everyone thinking they need to so many fun things with us before we leave. :)

Blogging has gotten pretty difficult because there just isn't a lot of down time right now between packing, cleaning, and showing the house; keeping the wee ones happy and a few too many emotional breakdowns about leaving home. Sad face.
I'm tempted to post a picture of all the boxes in here, but I don't really want to remember it that way- its stressing me out enough as it is.

But, back the the happy days- because there have been lots of those the last few weeks!

Aaron's office was closed the first week in January so we LOVED having Daddy home all week for lots of fun outings and play time at home too. :)

We're totally smitten with the Wii ...but if Dalton beats me one more time in bowling I'm gonna lose it. He seriously will get at least 6 strikes every game. Ughhhh. :)

Snuggled with Noah ...

We've taken a couple trips to the library ...

We had a fun day date with Dede to Big Orange and The Wonder Place ... Big Orange is very high on my list of things I'll miss in LR. Obsessed.

We had Blakelee Hall from H and H Photography take some fantabulous family pics ...

This weekend we went to Paragould to see the cousins and give Maw her Bday gift for her 60th birthday!!! A trip to the beach with all the grand kids! Can't wait for May!

My iphone took its first swim in the potty when Sawyer threw it in ... Lovely. So it dried out in some rice for about a week. Now the camera flash is on all the time. On the plus side, Its a little easier to find it in my purse now. :)

Maybe February will be a better blogging month ...but if not I'll do another monthly recap! :)

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Magen Friedmann said...

Been praying for your big move!! I bet its even more fun with all your little helpers :) Love ya!!!

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