Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not exactly Blog Worthy...

I'm trying to get back in my blogging groove ... I go through highs and lows. So I'm not saying this was the most exciting, blog-worthy weekend ... But here we go!

This weekend we stayed at Mom and Dad's while the boys wrapped up everything at the Duck Club.
My sweet mama told the kiddos Friday night to pick whatever they wanted to do and we'd do it. Dalton begged to get a haircut at the "animal haircut place," (because they have tons of toy animals to play with while you're waiting) but we held him off for a few days. Avery picked Cheeburger Cheeburger and wanted to go to the toy store next door. We got there and mom told them they could each pick out a toy- whatever they wanted ... There were some pretty big things in there and I was nervous that they would milk this for all it was worth, but D picked a little three headed dog (of course he did) and Avery picked out a Hello Kitty wallet... they make me laugh. :)
I just want to say Big Orange totally dominates them on the burger front, and my loyalty will be with them foreva ... the fact that you have to build your entire burger or salad from scratch is the most overwhelming thing ever.
However the kids love it and were pretty pumped about ice cream ... :)
(Can you tell I was terrible about taking pics this weekend- I'm building story lines around the few I do have!!)

Saturday we laid low and then that afternoon Avery and I went to help with a "sip 'n see" for one of my high school BFF's Haley and baby Kenlie.

There were several girls taking pics so I didn't take one of all of us, maybe I'll update soon. But here are Haley and baby Kenlie with Haley's mom, sister, and mother-in-law. xoxo

Avery had a blast at the shower too, she felt like such a big girl! So much of a blast that she tuckered out while Haley was holding her and napped for almost an hour!

Another bonus to the shower was getting to hang out with my bestie Cabs for a little while ... Not gonna lie, I kinda teared up after saying bye to her. With her living in Nashville and me moving to PA it's probably gonna be a minute before I get to see her again. Sniff sniff.

Late, late Saturday night Mimi and GBob came to Mom's to see us. One of their best friends had passed away unexpectedly the week before and they had gone to be with her family in Fayetteville for the week. They only got to stay through breakfast on Sunday morning but we loved hugging their sweet necks!
Dad cooked up a huge breakfast and we visited.

Mimi brought a sweet book and Dalton just sat in her lap and listened to the whole thing!

Seriously one of the biggest highlights to my weekend was finding my old bible!

Aaron got this for me after we'd been married for like 5 minutes. I kind of ignored it for a little while because it looked a little cheesy with the big flower on the front... However this bible has been my favorite of ALL time. In the back there was a chart to read through the bible in a year which I ended up doing twice, it's covered up in highlighters and notes and I just LOVED it! I even took it to get rebound about a year ago and it was terribly expensive so I decided I'd wait. I have looked high and low for it, as it's been missing for almost a year! I just cried and cried when I found it! It's torn up and definitely not the nicest bible around, but I love it SO and am so thankful it will be making the big voyage to PA with me! PTL!

Sunday night we got a bunch of BBQ and Rach, SB, Noah, and the "Ben's" came over to watch the Superbowl ... I'm pretty sure I still don't even know who played, but I'll take any excuse for a party! :)

I guess I'll throw in some Monday happenings while I'm here ... :)

Almost every morning Lynda and Mom start asking me for pictures of what the kids as doing .... So there it is- Boonies in real life! :)

We ran errands ALLLLL day yesterday ... Including a hunt for a new 4x4 for the snow covered Pennsylvania ... Pretty sure D got behind the wheel of one of the tahoes and stepped on the gas (while in Park) as the entire Landers staff whipped around and all but asked us to leave ... That wasn't embarrassing or anything.

Then we FINALLY got haircuts ... Well, except for Avery- she settled for a mini-manicure. :)

So, there you have it ... My most random blog post to date. I'll do better next time! :)

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