Saturday, February 25, 2012

Love my Loves

This Valentines Day wasn't quite as lovey since the hubs was out of town. Thankfully he left me a pink snuggie to show his undying love for me ... He may or may not have given me a pink snuggie last year for Valentines day. He swears he didn't, but he's mistaken. :)

He did leave some sweet little happies for the kiddos, though. Love, love Aaron Boone. I feel like when you're married you can go through seasons of being complacent in your marriage and kinda taking them for granted. Just getting caught up in the day-to-day ... Ya know?? And then you have seasons where you just totally appreciate them so much and more lovey dovey. I'm in a lovey dovey season ... I just love him to death. However, I'm sure he'll leave a dip cup out soon and I'll be back to complacency.... Kiddinggg. ;)

One of my fav parts of pre-school is all the fun little parties. I wish I could have been craftier lately ... I really, really wanted to. However, with the move and all the hooplah going out we did store bought Justin Bieber style. Hilarious.
Have I mentioned Av is OBSESSED with JB? She says she's going to marry him and then her name with be Avery Bieber. Bahahaha!

Anywho ... Here are my lovies on Valentine's Day before school ...


And some party pics from their parties ...

Bobo came!!

This was the same day as Avery's going away party ... So Sawyer had enough sugar and treats to last a month. Geez...

Love this little pic of Avery and her friend Emory at school. Sweet friends.

Lots of love to you and yours!

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