Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Away

This weekend I got to head out of town with my BFF Caroline to Dallas. I'm not sure which of the girls I've known longer, Caroline or Chevis, but they are two of my oldest friends. It was SO fun to road-trip with Cabs, have a fun night out and of course attend Chevis and John's fabulous Dallas wedding.
Another bonus was the fact that there was a great group of the PA Class of '04 that made the trek to the big D- it was a mini-high-school reuinion! We had the best time and Chevis could not have been a more beautiful bride!
Here are a few less than mediocre phone pics ...

Hotel Shot ...

Stole this from a Facebook friend.

SUCH a pretty bride ...

Flowers in honor of Chevis' dog she had foreverrr, Sophie. I'm pretty sure she looked JUST like this! Amazing.

Michelle and Kathleen after Michelle caught the Bouquet.

We heart self-portraits. ;)

SUCH a fun weekend! Had so much fun with my bestie, Cabs!!

But was sure glad to get home to all my hooligans!!!

Of course AB had cleaned the house, done all the laundry, dishes, AND stocked the fridge ... I should go out of town more often! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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