Friday, September 23, 2011


This weeks moments I don't want to forget ...

Avery has a strange desire to eat pancakes/waffles/toaster streudels while they are still in their frozen state. This is really hard for me. I hate it when she does this and always try to talk her out of it- I mean, why would you want to eat a frozen waffle?
This morning after she ate a cooked one she came up to me and said, "Mommy, I want to tell the truth." I looked around for what was out of place and prepared myself for the worst. "What do you need to tell the truth about?"
"Well, I ate a cold one [toaster streudel]."
We just really have to watch her. This is Avery's form of "acting out." Cracked me up.

Avery's teacher told me this week that she is definitely the "mommy" of the class. I'm pretty sure that means she bosses everyone.

Aaron was having Dalton and Avery pick up all the toys one night and said whoever did the best job got 2 gummy worms, and the other got 1 gummy worm. Avery immediately got to cleaning and Dalton dropped a few toys in the baskets before retiring to the couch. Aaron said, "C'mon Dalton don't you want to win the candy?" He mumbled something about loving candy and Aaron said "ok, well I guess you'll just get one piece."
They finished picking up and Aaron told Avery she was the winner and gave her two gummy worms. He gave Dalton his one worm and said, you only get one because you didn't really help. Dalton looked at him and pulled his gummy worm apart, holding one piece in each hand ... "Nope, I got two candies, too."
Too smart for his britches.

Sawyer has gotten so much personality over the last couple months ... he's the funniest little booger. He has also developed a HUGE appetite. The kid would eat all day. And when he REALLY like something (like corn on the cob) he starts bouncing and dancing in his high chair. The other night at dinner Dede gave him a bite of one of those Molten Chocolate Lava cakes ... He was SQUEALING, dancings, shaking his head back and forth, etc. We were all dying laughing! He is so funny!

And sweet ...

The other night we were at my parents house and all the guys were out doing things. Avery was talking with me and mom and out of nowhere said, "let's go in the dining room and drink wine and talk about our husbands." We fell out. She is so funny! We poured her some orange juice in a wine glass and lit some candles in the dining room for dinner. She would randomly grab her glass and say stuff like, "My husband will just not pick up my house. I tell him it's all these kids making the mess, I'm not cleaning it. And I am just not picking it up. I won't do it."
Obviously I've never sat around drinking wine talking to girls with Avery around. And I've never had the convo about Aaron needing to pick up the house. She literally pulled that out of thin air. She is the funniest thing ever.

Today I took Avery to a Disney storytime at Verizon Arena. We met some of our playdate girlies and had a blast!

In other, "unforgettable" news ... we have a new addition to the Boone fam.

That's right people, I'm 25 and I'm rockin' out a mini-van. I kinda threw my head back and laughed just typing that out. I still can't believe it. What's more, I can't believe how much I like it! Over the last five years I've tried out most of the family vehicles ...and I've said there was no way I would get a mini-van. But after getting three kids in and out of that suburban every day I changed my tune. Plus, my particular suburban had been in the shop a TON for random things, so I was looking into getting a new car. As I was talking to the car salesman and I asked to look at a mini-van he realized I was pretty bummed about it. He said, "I don't know what you're acting so bent out of shape about it, you've been driving a school bus!" So true ... that thing was a tank. In the end the minivan was my fav and between the better gas mileage, and automatic doors all opening and closing and the press of a button, I'm in love.
My mom said as long as I dont't start wearing themed sweaters I'll be fine ... Never say never! ;)


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