Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day.

Today was the first day of preschool. Cue the emotional rollercoaster ... ;)

It all started last week when we went to their little Open House to meet the teachers, see the classrooms etc.

My oh-so-thoughtful/ always-make-life-special in-laws sent the kiddos happies from the flower shop. My kids are thrilled when I hand them a magazine and tell them it came in the mail for them, so special deliveries?!?! Oh my! There were the sweetest little cards reading, "Happy Pre-School!" They felt so special!

That afternoon we took Dalton to get his back-to-school haircut so he wouldn't look like a total shagamuffin ...

Then we went to the church for the open house!

Dalton's class is the Jazzy Jungle ... right up his alley. :)

His little desk ... tear.

Dalton in the reading center. :)

Avery meeting her teacher, Mrs. Carla in the "Pond-Er-Osa" classroom.

Avery's desk ... more tears.

They couldn't stop talking about school! They were SO excited!
Today when it was FINALLY time to wake up for their first day they were beyond pumped.

Avery came running out of her room an hour earlier than usual saying, "Mommy, Mommy, is it today? Do I get to go today??" While she was eating breakfast she said, "I have to tell you something. I feel an itty bit sick. Not really sick, just my tummy feels silly." We talked for a minute and I realized she was nervous! She was over it soon enough, but it was so sweet to see my big girl having butterflies about her first day at school.

All ready for school! It was actually really cool outside this morning and Dalton was being pretty dramatic about it.

Avery and Mrs. Carla again.

Dalton was way too interested in his new classroom to stop for pictures. But, we are so happy Mrs. Sarah is his teacher!

Dalton, of course, found all the animals right away. When I picked him up today Mrs. Sarah told me how much he loved bears ... ohhh yes. :)
Notice all the BOYS, there are TEN in his class of twelve students. Holy moly.

Both kiddos had wonderful reports and I am friends with the assistant director who texted me pics of the kiddos throughout the day. Avery even won the "healthy lunch award" in her class. When I was given instruction the first day about how their lunch needed to be super healthy and all the no-no's I kinda freaked. I mean, we live on PBJ and cheetos. Apparently her turkey sandwich, strawberries, pretzel sticks and nutri-grain bar was suitable, so I guess we'll be ok after all. After Mrs. Carla let the class know they would be picking the healthiest lunch Avery kept saying, "Oh, I really hope I win, I really hope so." And she did- stinker. She also said that she gave the kiddos their little paper to practice writing their first names and Avery came and showed the teacher her whole name ... smarty pants! :) So proud of our little toots and so happy they'll be learning and playing at preschool this fall! They can't wait to go back tomorrow and Thursday!


Jennifer T said...

so sweet! i got a little teary eyed reading this post bc i was thinking of when owen starts school...i know i have a few years, but it will be here before i know it! why why do they have to grow so dang fast?!!? your babies are all sooo CUTE!! :)

the osbornes said...

oh my gosh they have DESKS!!! This is ma-jor! Big kids, I can't believe it

hannah said...

love it. love that avery had the healthiest snack. way to go, mom!

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